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CCTV for your Business?

Unlike any other country, Australia is developing – so many many entrepreneurs, business owners and decision-makers are thinking about their “new normals” to ensure their utmost stability and the path of their success for the future.
In the case of security, one should give its maximum consideration and the right CCTV would be a good choice.

For smaller businesses, CCTV cameras used to be out of reach as the technology was expensive and the resolution of most of the cameras was less than fantastic so half the time they weren’t useful.

Nowadays technology becomes advanced and it has become more affordable to install a top-notch CCTV system in your workplace.

The benefits which you can enjoy while using CCTV in your workplace are –

  1. It reduces the chances of theft and criminal activity. A potential thief or a robber will think a second time in the case of targeting your assets.
  2. It also reduces the incidents of malpractice and nad harassment in your workplace. Even the employees may be discouraged from behaving like unprofessional and unethical workers if they know that they are under the surveillance of CCTV. If any unwanted circumstances happen then the recordings of CCTV will give extra boost to the investigation.
  3. If any injury or accident happens then you will be able to a quick view of the incident and can take easily the right decisions in the case of compensations for the victim and it also helps to find out the drawbacks and mend it for preventing the repetitions of such kinds of incidents.
  4. A well-equipped security system will help you to find what is actually happening inside your workplace?
  5. CCTV systems can protect you and your workplace from numerous risks both from the outside and inside also. But the crucial question is how do you choose the right CCTV according to your preferences?

Here we are proving some of the basic key points which will help to get the right decisions:

  1. What are your preferences in the case of visibility of your cameras? You may never want to be discrete or highly visible of your security camera.
  2. What is the coverage of your area? small or large? Different CCTV cameras come with a variety of ranges and sized areas. For the large area, your camera should have the ability of long-range coverage and its zooming capabilities should be top class.
  3. Which type of camera do you need static or moving? The static camera can’t move but the moving cameras can rotate according to the movements of objects. The rights type depends on your preference.
  4. The details in your CCTV footage is a very important point. If you are covering the smaller area then a low-resolution camera will be perfect but if you think about widespread coverage then the higher resolution will be perfect enough. The main motto is that every detail of the covered areas should be visible in the recorded footage otherwise your CCTV camera will be useless.
  5. Moreover, it is your building and different models of CCTV cameras come with different specifications. You should keep in mind the other factors as well like- light reflections, surface or polished floors etc. For outdoor cameras how the sunlight will affect the visuals and in the night how the picture will come etc. in all these matters, you should talk with an expert before buying a CCTV camera.
  6. How long do you want to store your footage? As different cameras come with different storage capabilities like- week, month or a year? In recent times many systems come with cloud storage systems with your security cameras.

The Advanced features of CCTV make it more beneficial for users. It can be programmed to identify moving objects or faces or differentiates different objects. CCTVs can be configured with an alarm system and it will be useful in the case of a breach of a secure area. 

Choosing the right CCTV may be a complex matter while you have too many options in the market. In this case, you are always advised to consult with an expert who can guide you.


5 reasons you should upgrade your CCTV system

CCTV system is a crucial part of our life safety system as it helps in maintaining secure property and provides a safe working environment. Often it is observed that Pacific security holds vast experience in not just replacing outdated equipment but also adding important assets in incorporating new systems. From cost reductions to superior performance, there are a host of reasons why one must upgrade the CCTV system.

The top five reasons why upgrading CCTV system is important includes:

  • Higher image quality: the best quality for the CCTV system comes with megapixel cameras. Grainy footage from a traditional camera or CCTV system is the old version. The new megapixel camera surpasses this with better resolution and provides a clear picture. The advanced technology of cameras provides security teams with the ability to zoom in or facial details. Image quality and resolution have improved immensely in recent years. By upgrading security cameras, individuals are allowed to record high-quality footage. If anything has to happen to the property, CCTV system will record detailed footage so that we hold a proper record of the event to show to officials.
  • Prevents downtime: Old CCTV systems become ineffective and unreliable with time. Dealing with the outages can be a hassle to deal with but it can be costly. Old CCTV systems acquire professionals to resolve the issue every time that rack up a huge sum of amount expenses every time. This also involves taking few minutes of downtime for the security of property to be compromised. With proper upgrading, the CCTV system provides a better and more reliable surveillance facility.
  • Enhanced storage capacity: spending more on maintenance, hanging onto old CCTV system could mean spending more on storage. New video recorders use video compression in order to make video files smaller to maximize storage. Individuals who choose older video recorder with no video compression, end up purchasing additional video recorders or storage cards to handle lower quality recording.
  • Easy management & scalability: this is another benefit of upgrading the CCTV system is that current technologies make it easier to manage and access the system remotely. In the older CCTV system, the recordings can be viewed from on site recording system only. Advanced CCTV systems are connected to the internet and allows one to monitor the home or property from any location with one simple touch on phone. This allows one to add on more cameras and systems and manage everything remotely. With smartphone integration, one can control on the go, live, and recorded views with just an internet connection.
  • Lower cost of ownership: many owners avoid upgrading their CCTV system as they fear the initial hefty cost. In most cases, businesses actually stand to profit off upgrading CCTV systems. This is due to the increased integration ability that they have with another system.
  • More features: With more advanced technologies, more features and advance use of CCTV system older CCTV system has a lot of functions that were typically used to record incidents. Many current systems allow individuals to integrate security cameras with features like access controls, real-time alerts, etc. With these advanced features, one can ensure better security and protection.

Why choose Alarm Doctor for upgrading the CCTV system?
Investing in a new CCTV system seems unnecessary expenses. Pacific security offers affordable upgrading services of CCTV system that saves money and headaches in long run. We understand that upgrading means more reliability and maximize the security and uses of the system effectively.


HIKVISION CCTV PRODUCTS: The Best one in the market

The two most popular products for surveillance are Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and Network Video Recorders (NVRs). Hikvision CCTV products are the best among the existing surveillance products in the market. Chinese owned markets are providing cheap recording and surveillance products but they are compromising with the quality of the product. Hikvision can ensure that the quality of the product will be premium at a very reasonable price. We will discuss in this article that why you should go with Hikvision CCTC products to keep your safety in right hands.

Know Hikvision  

Hikvision is one of the largest suppliers of the CCTV cameras in the industry. It was established in 2001 and it is providing services for 17 years. It is one of the fastest growing security appliance companies in the world leaving behind the giants of this industry such as Dahua and Axis. Hikvision not only emphasize the quality of the product bust also keeps user satisfaction on its top priority. Hikvision has a research and development unit which keeps it on the top of the popular brands in terms of the modern assistantship. Hikvision not only provides CCTV security system but also ensures that the user gets the full assurance of the money which is spent on a security system provided by the company.

Why Hikvision?

Whenever a security system is installed, it is expected to work for the security and comfort of the user. Hikvision provides a high quality of surveillance backed by the modern technological assets which improve the satisfaction rate of the users. Here are a few reasons why you should use hikvision or why it is better than the other brands.

  1. It provides the right value for money. If you are spending your money on something, it should be worth spending on it. Hikvision products are available at a very reasonable price in the market which provides quality surveillance over other competitors.
  2. Hikvision is a leading manufacturer of CCTV camera and its accessories. It easily surpasses the other brands when it comes to technological expertise in the usage of the product. Appliances are smart and they are very helpful in cases where no human interference is available.
  3. High definition footage of a crime event can be very helpful I the investigation of the whole instance. Hikvision provides 720p resolution videos which can easily display the small details of the footage.

What to expect from Hikvision?   

Till now you would have got a rough estimate of what Hikvision is and what It does. But to know what should be expected from Hikvision, we have to go through the following information.

  • Best in business – We are providing the quality product and unmatched CCTV camera and accessories. One can expect a high-quality product if something is bought with a ‘Hikvision’ tag with it.
  • After Buying Facilities – We are providing full assistance over the product which is bought from Hikvision. Warranty over the product is for two years and it gives full replacement service in case if it needs to be changed.
  • The high-tech extensive range of CCTV cameras- With the latest infrared technology, security system provided by Hikvision enables the CCTV cameras to provide the night time footage for the surveillance.

As already mentioned, if you are looking for a security system which consists of the latest technologies and can be a real assistant for your security, you can opt for the Hikvision camera system. Quality is always best when it comes from Hikvision’s way. A two-year warranty also supported by an assistantship makes it a product worth buying.

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The Pros and Cons of CCTV and why we recommend you have it

If Only Everyone Had CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras have saved countless lives and prevented more crimes than you can shake a stick at – and that’s an understatement.

While that might be the case, a lot of people regard them as “evil” or “malicious,” most likely thanks to conspirers and Hollywood drama… nobody likes the idea of a surveillance state, after all!

We’ve heard people say they don’t want them because they make the place seem “too prisony” or that the cameras themselves were “a bit ugly.”

Okay, we see your point – you just spent a pretty penny on your new place and you like the way it looks, fair enough.

But, consider that CCTV only needs to prevent a crime at your home or office once to be worth its money. How much money a customer spends is a different matter – if you walk by a home that has CCTV and you think “urgh, that thing looks like a bird sh*t all down the side of that building”… but no. Instead, think of it as, “urgh, those people really cheaped on on their CCTV.”

Honestly, there are plenty of cameras available that can perfectly blend into and contribute to their environment. Just ask us to show you the good stuff 😉

With all of that being said, let’s consider the Watermaid Beehive arson that took place in February, and how CCTV was able to record footage of the three offenders for the police to further their enquiries.

The hives had been attacked before, in September of last year, following which the Romer family had CCTV installed to help ID the culprits, should they strike again.

During the second attack, in February of this year, the CCTV cameras installed at the family firm were able to capture footage of the offenders in action. However, given their distance from the cameras and the low light conditions, gaining a positive ID straight away has proved to be an issue.

With that, Alarm Doctor was tasked with performing a CCTV upgrade across the Watermaid exterior, improving the definition in the cameras, increasing their light sensitivity, depth of field and clarity, as well as re-adjusting their fixtures to cater to a larger field of view.

It isn’t clear as to whether the culprits knew they were being recorded, but they will now, considering their story went to the press around the same time. Click here to read the Daily Telegraph’s article: Aussie flag-wearing youths set fire to 82-year-old’s precious bee hives

If you read the story, you’ll see some of the CCTV footage that was captured, and realise that people involved shielded their faces in every shot and you might think, “ppft, what’s the point in having CCTV if CCTV doesn’t do what the blooming heck CCTV is supposed to do!?”


So, let’s go over the Pros and Cons of HAVING CCTV INSTALLED:

1 Capture criminal activity on camera 1 Cheaper options can detract from the aesthetics of the building
2 Deters Criminal activity from taking place 2 Equipment with design and high-grade features can be expensive
3 Protects your home or offices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 3 Installations can be tricky for the untrained.
4 Make money on YouTube when criminals fail
5 Increase your chances of a successful insurance claim after a burglary
6 Increase the Police’s chances of catching the burglar
7 Immediate action when coupled with Back-to-Base monitoring and Guard Response


That’s 7:3 in the Pro:Con ratio… not too shabby!

Now, let’s take a gander at;


The Pros and Cons of HAVING NO CCTV

1 Your home or office looks really pretty. 1 Your home or office looks like a target.
2 Nobody will be able to hack in and spy on you. 2 You won’t capture any evidence of crimes taking place
3 Your neighbours don’t complain about you being “nosey” 3 You can’t be “nosey”
4 One less thing to insure, maintain and check. 4 Your insurance might not cover your losses if you get burgled.
5 More time to watch videos on YouTube 5 You can’t watch your own criminal fail vidoes
6 The police will be at your property for less time after an incident 6 The police will have less evidence to go on, giving the criminals a better chance.

Six for six, well the Pros did better than we expected there, but hey, the ratio is way worse – 6:6 for not installing CCTV and 7:3 for installing CCTV – The figures speak for themselves.


I want CCTV Installed at my property. Where do I start?

If you’d like to go ahead and have some top-notch security installed at your home or offices, we’re ready and available whenever you are. Our technicians are fully equipped to handle any and all aspects of the installation, taking the greatest care to ensure the highest standards in workmanship and expertise.

We take great pride in our levels of care and attention to detail – it’s why we’ve got a 5-star rating across both our Facebook and Google reviews.

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If you’ve recently had CCTV installed but you’re not happy with the quality you’re seeing on the other end, give us a shout and we’ll be able to guide you as to what improvements you could make and where to make them while keeping budget in mind.

We service both private and commercial customers across New South Wales, aiming to provide a memorable yet quick and cost-effective alarm and security service that does what it says on the tin.

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