There are some easy steps you can take to fix house alarm faults yourself. Before you bring in the team of alarm-health professionals, try:

Unexpected Sirens

If your alarm is sounding and won’t stop, make sure you have entered your code correctly, and no other family members have changed the code. If your alarm sounds as soon as you arm it, check that all of the door and window sensors are contacting properly. If your alarm goes off but there doesn’t appear to have been a break in, your pets may be tripping the alarm. You can zone your house to allow pets in an area where the alarm is not set (such as a laundry), while protecting the rest of the house. If you alarm goes off as soon as you open the door, without giving you enough time to enter your code, you may not have that zone set as an entry/exit zone. Check your user manual for re-zoning advice first.

Alarm Power / Battery Issues

If you believe the alarm battery has gone flat – for example, if a battery symbol is coming up on the display or if the keypad starting to respond poorly and then not at all – give us a call at Alarm Doctors. Depending on your brand of alarm, we recommend to use Alarm Doctors trained technicians or your electrician to replace your alarm back up battery. Your security alarm system uses 240 volts power! However, some alarms need an installer code. If you have no power to your alarm, check that any fuses in the power supply are still intact.

Alarm Settings

If you have unintentionally changed an alarm setting and aren’t sure how to change it back, you may find the information in your alarm’s owner manual. If you can’t solve the problem yourself, try calling Alarm Doctors first and we may be able to talk you through a solution. If you want to change the way you use zones or partitions with your alarm, start with the owner’s manual. If you have trouble, Alarm Doctors can come out and help.

When to Call in the Professionals

If your user manual doesn’t help you resolve the problem, it’s time to call in Alarm Doctors. It’s always best not to self-diagnose your alarm diseases or try to self-treat them using Dr Google. Fixes for alarm systems vary by the brand, the exact model, and the age of the system. Some problems require an installer code, or need spare parts or wiring repairs. You don’t want to be stuck with an alarm that won’t be quiet – so if you’re unsure, call Alarm Doctors Emergency Alarm Department on 1300 23 00 23 NOW!


Please note that information provided is for informational purpose only and are not provided as instructional directions. For safety we strongly recommend you consult a professional.

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