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As with most modern technologies, the hardware tends to last a very long time, but the software that runs it needs updating. With the latest alarm systems, it’s as easy as running the latest patch and ensuring the installation was successful, but with older models, the upgrade service is more of an overall upgrade than a simple software update.

As technologies evolve and advance, so too do the tools that criminals and tech experts use to overcome their security measures. The same is true for your alarm system, with cracks, master keys and serial de-crypters being released online for older versions, free of charge.

Just like you’d update your computer or smartphone to protect its contents from malware and prying eyes, your alarm system can become susceptible to decryption as time goes on and needs to be updated if you want to stay protected.

Depending on the age, make and model of your alarm system, some insurers will require that you upgrade your systems to comply with their policies, so make sure you check with them as to what those requirements might be – otherwise you stand the risk of not only suffering from a successful burglary, but losing your chance to make a claim on the assets you lost in the process.

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