Your alarm’s back-up battery is essentially the most important element of the whole system. Why? Because in the event of a power cut, whether it’s been cut by accident, by the council or by a potential burglar, your back-up battery is the only thing keeping your alarm functional.

Unfortunately, back-up batteries are prone to wear and tear due to their high output and, depending on your area, attempted vandalism or disconnection.

As such, it’s imperative that you have your alarm’s back-up battery regularly inspected, maintained and replaced if need be.

Additionally, insurance companies around the country require that homes and offices protected by alarm systems, have their back-up batteries serviced at least once, annually, for residential clients and twice a year for commercial customers. This requirement is in place to ensure that your property remains protected and, in turn, allows clients to make successful claims in the event of an intrusion, theft or damage to the property.

We stock back-up batteries for all major makes and models of both domestic and commercial alarm systems, including wireless and hard-wired models.

So, if you’re looking to have your back-up batteries serviced or replaced, please call Alarm Doctor as soon as possible on 1300 23 00 23. We can have a technician made available for back-up battery services in as little as six hours, depending on the time of your call.

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