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Things to Consider Before Installation of Home Security System

Modern home security systems are a comprehensive network of an array of state of the art equipment, each of which act in close coordination with each other, thus creating a complete and all-encompassing home security system, to meet the modern day security threats. Thus, you need to consider a few things before you opt for installation of a suitable home security system.

Understanding the Difference between a Wireless and a Wired Security System

Though the basic working principle of a wired and a wireless home security system is the same, there lies a basic difference in the installation and a few tactical aspects of the two kinds of systems. Hence, if you are to opt between the two and choose one, you need to understand the basic difference in the structural hierarchy of the two. Consider how the two systems work, take into account the layout of your property and your potent threat conception to decide for the most appropriate form.

Weighing between Burglar Alarms and Home Security Systems

There are certain differences between burglar alarms and home security systems. While the modern burglar alarms come up with sensors that are set up on windows and doors, home security systems provide some additional benefits. Apart from the typical security alerts, they also come up with fire alarms, state of the art carbon monoxide alerts and even flooding alerts. Thus, you need to weigh the two options and before opting for home security installation in Sydney or elsewhere.

Comparing the Quotes

This is another extremely important consideration that you need to take before you put stakes on the home security system. You must not pick up a system at random.  Rather, you need to opt for various quotes, and compare between them to find out which one of them meets your needs the best and in the most cost effective way. Thus, comparing quotes and the functionality of the systems is imperative.

Considering Power Outages

 Power outage is one very important point that you need to consider before you select a home security system. You must ensure that the functionality of the system is not severely jeopardized due to any power outages. Thus, you must opt for a system that has a credible backup, which will come to act in the event of a power outage.

Solar Security Options

It is better to opt for a security system, which is powered by solar power. Thus ensures, you do not have to worry about power outages, or increase in power bills as these solar powered security systems do not have to depend upon conventional power supply, and are extremely energy efficient. In fact, quality security system installers in Sydney would always suggest going for solar powered security systems.

Scope of Customisation

 Before putting stakes on a security system for your home, you must ensure that the system is flexible enough to be customised to meet your needs. There is not ‘one-size-fits-all’ dictum in security systems. Hence, when it comes to selecting a security system, you must ensure that the system can be customised to meet your needs.

So you see, these are the topmost considerations, which you must not forget while selecting security systems for your home. If you are in Sydney, the best name to turn to is Alarm Doctor. For further details, call us at 1300 230 023 (Toll free) or 0404 052 007 (mobile).


How can you upgrade an existing alarm system to perform next-level security?

It is expected that your existing home alarm system is updated and performs well enough to save your property and belongings from burglaries and other such criminal activities.

So, below is the list of some of the most advanced security devices that can be installed or incorporated with the existing system for enhancing the security levels.

  • Home Alarm Systems

If you are looking forward to changing your old or outdated monitoring systems, then implementing a new and updated home alarm system is the best option. Besides, changing the entire system will enhance the security level of the user, as the modern devices are more user-friendly with handy features. Some other latest features these devices offer accounts for remote monitoring, energy management, wellness alert notification, and carbon monoxide.

These latest devices can also be controlled remotely, such as easy activating and deactivating the home alarm system via a key fob. These devices are also capable of activating alarm systems according to a specific zone. For instance, the user can activate the alarm system of the basement or outhouse during night hours. Last but not the least, these advanced security systems also aid in reducing the overall insurance premium.

  • Installation of motion detection alarm sensors

The motion detection alarm sensor is an innovative, reliable, and cost-effective device that triggers the alarm after the detection of any movement within the premises. The technology implemented in this device is well versed with the difference between a person and a pet and thus reducing the frequency of false alarms. It is recommended to install this device at the alternate entry points or dark areas within a promise. Thus, offering next-level security for your homes ensuring peace of mind.

  • A CCTV enabled security camera

A CCTV-enabled security system serves the purpose of warning to the robbers when installed strategically and in visible positions around the home. Besides, the number of security cameras is dependent on the budget and the size of the home of the user. However, it is recommended to install these CCTV cameras at the main entry points and the parameter lines.

These cameras can also be installed inside the home for extra security purposes such as remote monitoring. In addition, the video feed captured by these cameras can also be used as strong evidence, enabling the authority to get hold of the right offender.

  • Sirens, Screamers & Strobes

Sirens produce a good quality loud sound informing the owner and the neighbors about the break-in. Moreover, the integration of sirens with strobe lights and screamers is very unpleasant for the criminals and will make them leave quickly. This combination also notifies the local authority about the break-ins and will direct them straight to your home.

So, if you are looking forward to such devices, then you can contact our company and get assured of high-level security without any extra efforts.

Benefits of installing monitored security systems

Worrying about home and its security is one of the major concerns faced these days, which in turn, have elevated the need for security systems. But it is hard to choose the best available option in the market. Well, professionally monitored or DIY cameras are the trending products these days!!

And, our company offers a licensed security professional product to safeguard your premises. Our experts will install the components in right place, acknowledging your home layout and family’s need in mind. Our customized security solutions also can be accessed remotely via an interactive security app.

So,before contacting us for any monitored security systems, you need to know the advantages of these systems, listed below, over the regular security devices.

Are you a victim of theft?

If you have recently faced any intrusion or theft then, you must be looking forward to these options to avoid the same in the future!!Similarly, many people approach us just after such an incident or to be prepared for an upcoming time frame. Besides, the installation of monitored alarms professionally will resolve your safety issues and will comfort you as our experts will be monitoring your system round the clock and are always ready to act when the alarm is triggered.

Increasing criminal activities in your area

Increasing criminal activities in your area will naturally be alarming you all the time.This will naturally be driving your attention towards the installation of a security alarm systemfor assuring peace of mind. Additionally, some research studies have further revealed that 80% of the participants are satisfied to install these cameras as it decreases the probability of theft at their place.Besides, it is also advised that if any you witness any such suspicious activities then immediately report to the police as a precautionary step.

Frequent traveling

The professional cameras offered by our company is ideal for those who have to travel regularly for work; as dark or vacant houses attract more burglars as compared to a well-lit house full of people. So, these security devices will monitor your place round the clock. However, you can also opt for devices with automotive features to enhance the safety levels of your premises.

A new addition to the family

This new family member can be a cute addition to the family, enhancing home security. These can be wall-mounted or stand-alone devices and can also be used to monitor your baby or pets within their range. Additionally, the automated home security package offered by our company also permits the homeowners to access their system from any corner of the world, just with a smartphone application.

So, if you are looking for such security devices, feel free to contact us. You can contact us via the contact us page. You can also call us on the toll-free number 1300 23 00 23 or just drop a mail at And we assure you with a response as soon as possible.


Know the relation between security systems and home insurance!

It is a fact that security systems are dependent on home insurance. But do you know how? Well, the answer is a bit complicated but still is summarized in the blog below!

Popular home security systems

Some popular and demanding home systems accounts to image and video alarm verification systems, traditional motion alarm systems, wired security cameras, and wireless security cameras. The image and video alarm verification systems are a bit exceptional as they are integrated with a camera that detects movement. On the other hand, the traditional motion alarm systems are easy to install, offers low entry cost, and can be monitored round the clock.

Similarly, the wired security cameras are more reliable, offer high-resolution images, and are often most highly valued by insurance companies. However, the wireless security cameras offer easy installation, saves installation time and cost, and are 25% effective in reducing the crime rate.

Things covered under home insurance

In general, home insurances offer fire loss, theft activities, and damage caused by these forces like hail storms or lightning strikes. But it varies from person to person liable on the policy or provider you choose!! Thus, you should be aware of the plan and things covered in your insurance before the final payment.

Savings onsecurity systems

The home insurance cost is dependent on the risk of damage or theft activities. However, you can still save few pennies in two ways. Firstly, by confirming the security of the premise and decreasing its cost at renewal time. Secondly, by installing a security camera,as it will catch the culprit red-handed!! The footage captured by it will be considered as strong evidence and will ease the investigation procedure. So, you just need to be detailed by the provider before making the final payment for the system.

Costs of security

The overall cost of insurance is reliant on the insurance provider and the number of false alarms. Thus, the cost will be elevated if any kind of private patrolling is detected. So, one should consider the need and available add-on products before investing in home insurance.

Role ofsecurity systems in reducing the cost of home insurance

Insurance companies are more involved in the protection of your premises and people. However, there are no pre-defined standards for home insurance. But still, the amount can be reduced with the implementation of alarm security systems. Thus, it is important to discuss your need with the insurance provider to reduce the overall cost. You can also save by combining different types of insurances. As the merging of car insurance with home insurance, by the same provider, will affect the total premium cost.

Which combination is better?

The combination of a camera system with alarms one of the fruitful combos considering the home insurance cost. This will enable easy claiming of the insurance payout, diminishing the need for a comprehensive investigation. Besides, the camera footage is strong evidence in identifying the trespasser or intruder behind the criminal activity.

Moreover, it can also be accomplished by pairing the existing motion sensor alarm system with a wired or wireless cam; or even a verified alarm system. Thereby, you can contact our company for an appropriate and comprehensive guide on home insurance with security systems.


Are a security system needs for your home?

Yes, you should definitely install a security system. Security systems secure your home and give safety to your home and peace of mind to you. Your home needs an extra bit of protection, in the new building or exiting one you should upgrade the latest security system.  In the market, there are a lot of security systems and you are thinking of installing the system then you should consider this thing.

Home security has several systems

CCTV Surveillance camera with NVR
CCTV camera is one of the importance of security system. It tells us, don’t worry about security install me and monitor by yourself. NVR is used to record and, you can access it by your smartphone or pc. You can see the video live and recorded it to overcome your security concern.

Alarm plays a role in your security. If any suspicious activity or fire is found alarm will be triggered and, you will get a notification.

Control panel
A Control panel use to manage your home security according to you. You can access it by your pc or smartphone and operate it according to you. And you can take action by yourself on the security system.

Sensors are a chief part of the security system. Whenever the window got broken, something happens with the door alarm system got triggered. The sensor will take care of that and absorb the movement inside and outside.

The signboard outside of the house
The signboard will warn the people. It indicates that this home has an installed security system, don’t be a jerk. You can fix it on the window or the wall. That will give security to your home as a warning.

Alarm Doctor has the best security system for both new and old homes.

FOR new home
In the new home, generally, a security system installs when the building is under construction that becomes easy to install along with the latest technology, you will control your home security according to you. For a new home, we have various types of systems that will help to protect your home.

  • CCTV camera
  • Alarm system
  • NVR & Many more

FOR old home
In the old house, we upgrade the part of the security system CCTV, alarm, etc. There are varieties of products available in the market because the system becomes easy to install and operate.

If you are thinking of the installation of a security system, don’t think much. Feel free to contact Alarm Doctor. We have a wide range of stock of all the parts of the system. We have the latest method that will help you to customise your home. We will be glad if you contact us.

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Security mistakes that make your home vulnerable

Do you know most of the burglaries happen when security systems are not installed and culprits are aware of your absence? People often take the security of their homes very lightly because burglary and thefts aren’t very common. Moreover, people take the home’s security for granted and find it unnecessary to equip their home with the latest security devices. Carelessness often cost people their valuables and loved ones. Following are some of the most common mistakes people do that make their homes vulnerable to burglary and thefts.

Using Traditional Methods

To ease their mental burden, people often use the traditional methods of securing their home like hiding their keys under the doormat, plant potter, or any other place. Intruders can watch over the actions and find a blind spot to take any action.Simple guesswork can help intruders to find access to the house. It is advised to avoid these practices and keep another pair of keys to share it with the other house members.

Shady home premises

People work on lighting the interiors of their homes, but in some cases the outer premises are neglected as they aren’t given the same priority as the interiors. House owners often ignore dark areas of the home premises such as lawn areas, garages, and backyard. Intruders take advantage of the dark and shady areas to hide and make their move. Hence it is advised to keep the house premises lit up for a clear view of the outer areas of the home premises.

Absence of Technology

House owners do a big mistake by neglecting the importance of security devices in home security. In most cases, burglary takes place when homes are not armed with any surveillance cameras and alarm systems. The absence of technology can not only cost you a burglary but also encourages harmful elements of society to target your home. The alarm system helps in securing the entrances and access control systems help in denying any unauthorized entrance to the property. CCTV cameras help in back-trace the culprits in case if any burglary is committed. 

Keeping Valuables Visible

Valuable items such as Laptops, phones, expensive apparels, watches, etc. invite burglars and thieves to become unwanted guests. Other expensive items, such as car, bike, etc. cannot be kept inside the house, but they can be hidden into the garage so that burglars don’t get the exact idea of the possessions of any person. It is advised to use a safe for expensive jewellery and cash to avoid any theft or burglary. 

Declaring your Position

In most cases of burglary, the burglars know exactly when to break into a house. This happens when house owners share their present location on social media. This helps the burglars to figure out when you are not available at your house. In some cases people often tell their neighbors about their vacations or unavailability, this works against them when neighbors aren’t trustworthy. Therefore it is advised not to share the details of unavailability on any of the social media platforms. One can share these details with only trusted people in case if any supervision is required.

So, there were some of the security mistakes that make your home vulnerable to any thefts and burglaries. One can avoid these mistakes and equip their homes with an advanced security system so that their homes become safe from any kind of threats.


Save your property from the Intruders

Do you know? Most of the time theft happens when no one is around. In case of robbery, it becomes very difficult to track down the intruders without any evidence. This makes this essential to keep an eye on your property. With the help of CCTV cameras and an alarm system, you can protect your properties from intruders. Security systems are essential for offices as well. With the help of an access control system, one can monitor and secure the entrance and exit of any building and organization. Interpol systems can help in providing flexibility to the security system.  Let’s discuss more these security systems that can help you save your property from intruders.

24X7 surveillance of CCTV

With the help of Live CCTV cameras, security agencies can monitor different movements inside and outside of the property. This helps in keeping an eye on the entrance and exit points. This also provides an access to the real-time response of the security system. Real-time movements can be monitored from a remote place as well, which helps in maintaining the flexibility of the security system.

Footage says everything

Most of the burglary and theft cases are solved with the help of CCTV footages captured during the time of the burglary. CCTV cameras not only provide live footage but also save the recording when no one is around for the surveillance. Even if it does not prevent burglary to take place, it helps the local authorities to trace the culprits.

Alarms make the noise

Automatic alarm systems notify the local authorities and activate the automatic response system to tackle any burglary. Alarms are very useful in saving your property from burglars. An automatic alarm system notifies the security agencies about any kind of suspicious activity around the secured area. Fire alarms help in notifying any kind of fire-related danger to the people around.

Intercom facility

Intercom devices help in securing large office premises or organizations with large gatherings. These systems can also facilitate personal properties and smaller areas. A person can talk to any visitor at the gate with the help of two-way communication provided by an intercom device. Automated Intercom devices initiate automatic security response that helps in keeping buildings and properties safe in absence of any security personnel.

Access control system

Access control systems are required to authorize access to the organizations and offices. Access Control systems are equipped with biometric security and are very secure. Entrance and exit points of different organizations and offices require an access control system. With the help of a biometric door lock, you can protect your house and office from unwanted guests. We provide complete protection to the offices, buildings, personal properties with our high-tech and highly equipped security systems. We provide installation and maintenance of the security devices such as CCTV cameras, Alarm system, Biometric Devices, Access Control system and Interpol services. Securing your home and offices with high-tech security devices has become very important with the increasing crime rate in recent times.


What are the things that must be considered when choosing the right security system to watch pets?

Pet owners usually agree that they require a security system to keep a check on four-legged friends as they are an integral part of the family. Leaving them behind at home usually makes one worried about them. What if we are provided with one of the reliable cameras that helps us in keeping a check on the pets. Installing pet-friendly security system helps us in keeping an eye on these cute furry friends. Alarm Doctor provides friendly and reliable security system which are installed by a highly professional team to tab on pets.

Things that must be considered when picking the right security alarm to keep a check on pets include:

Instant alerts for pet surveillance: individuals can set instant alerts to detect motion & sound. The additional features such as setting up virtual tripwires help in ensuring that the pet does not enter an area of the house where the pet is not allowed to enter.

Talk to pets: some pet alarm will not only allow an individual to watch a pet live while you are away from home but will also include features that will let you talk to pets. These are perfect for owners who stay out for a long period of time. These are effective in keeping a check that has been ensured in their absence and to take control over the situation by scolding the pet through the alarm’s speaker system.

Indoor/ outdoor pet camera: there is an abundance of DIY systems that will protect the pets. Considering an outdoor security system, we recommend it to be installed by a professional. Outdoor systems are complex as they involve multiple systems, and often need to be hardwired. It is also recommended that if you look for an outdoor system that includes local recording and viewing must-have durability for the weather.

Design: pet-friendly security system does not have to compromise the aesthetic value of the home. Alarm Doctor has a wide variety of pet-friendly security systems that are friendly designed to fit well.

Common considerations with pet and security:

Security alarm sensors: an individual who wishes to protect homes and pets without a specific alarm system can protect the same with PIR (passive infrared) sensors which are a great alternative to the camera-based security system. These work by detecting infrared energy from pets. PIR sensors are able to measure the size and temperature of moving objects that will distinguish pets from intruders.

Keep your pet safe: while you may be able to get around installing a pet-friendly security system, leaving pets outdoors when leaving home will be friendly. As a loving parent, leaving the pet in the most comfortable condition is essential so as to avoid risks such as overheating, dehydration, and many more. Pet immune alarm system will allow the pet to be in a comfortable place.

Upgrading the indoor security system with valuable motion detectors or PIR sensors and a quick tip for leaving pets in a safe environment, Alarm Doctor is one of the reliable and effective security companies that helps individuals work freely without the tension of pets security.


5 reasons you should upgrade your CCTV system

CCTV system is a crucial part of our life safety system as it helps in maintaining secure property and provides a safe working environment. Often it is observed that Pacific security holds vast experience in not just replacing outdated equipment but also adding important assets in incorporating new systems. From cost reductions to superior performance, there are a host of reasons why one must upgrade the CCTV system.

The top five reasons why upgrading CCTV system is important includes:

  • Higher image quality: the best quality for the CCTV system comes with megapixel cameras. Grainy footage from a traditional camera or CCTV system is the old version. The new megapixel camera surpasses this with better resolution and provides a clear picture. The advanced technology of cameras provides security teams with the ability to zoom in or facial details. Image quality and resolution have improved immensely in recent years. By upgrading security cameras, individuals are allowed to record high-quality footage. If anything has to happen to the property, CCTV system will record detailed footage so that we hold a proper record of the event to show to officials.
  • Prevents downtime: Old CCTV systems become ineffective and unreliable with time. Dealing with the outages can be a hassle to deal with but it can be costly. Old CCTV systems acquire professionals to resolve the issue every time that rack up a huge sum of amount expenses every time. This also involves taking few minutes of downtime for the security of property to be compromised. With proper upgrading, the CCTV system provides a better and more reliable surveillance facility.
  • Enhanced storage capacity: spending more on maintenance, hanging onto old CCTV system could mean spending more on storage. New video recorders use video compression in order to make video files smaller to maximize storage. Individuals who choose older video recorder with no video compression, end up purchasing additional video recorders or storage cards to handle lower quality recording.
  • Easy management & scalability: this is another benefit of upgrading the CCTV system is that current technologies make it easier to manage and access the system remotely. In the older CCTV system, the recordings can be viewed from on site recording system only. Advanced CCTV systems are connected to the internet and allows one to monitor the home or property from any location with one simple touch on phone. This allows one to add on more cameras and systems and manage everything remotely. With smartphone integration, one can control on the go, live, and recorded views with just an internet connection.
  • Lower cost of ownership: many owners avoid upgrading their CCTV system as they fear the initial hefty cost. In most cases, businesses actually stand to profit off upgrading CCTV systems. This is due to the increased integration ability that they have with another system.
  • More features: With more advanced technologies, more features and advance use of CCTV system older CCTV system has a lot of functions that were typically used to record incidents. Many current systems allow individuals to integrate security cameras with features like access controls, real-time alerts, etc. With these advanced features, one can ensure better security and protection.

Why choose Alarm Doctor for upgrading the CCTV system?
Investing in a new CCTV system seems unnecessary expenses. Pacific security offers affordable upgrading services of CCTV system that saves money and headaches in long run. We understand that upgrading means more reliability and maximize the security and uses of the system effectively.


What is the Difference Between Wireless and Wired Access Control Systems?

When it comes to home, first of all, we think about its security. From using door locks to biometric scanners, access control systems focus on restricting unwanted visitors inside your house. Broadly these access control systems are divided into two categories: wired system and wireless system. Before going deep into the advantages and disadvantages you should know about the access control system.

Access control is the process of controlling the entrance of people inside your home or business. And an access control system is a technology that stops unwanted access. In this way, you can keep undesirable people out of your reach.

Wireless Access Control Systems

Wireless access control systems use battery and radio signals to communicate. These are of two types: offline and online. Online systems offer cloud-based access management and allow operation from any part of the world. The online systems can be operated from the computer and even smartphones in some systems.


Wireless access control systems are easier to install than wired systems. There is no need to break down walls or have tangled wires running on the floors. You just need to put batteries and connect to the system.


Since wireless systems work on a network (online) or have to be in the range of central offline control system, it could minimize their effectiveness in larger areas. The walls may limit the range of wireless systems.

Moreover, wireless systems depend largely on batteries and network. This could be a drawback if batteries die or network crashes. Though installing a wireless system is cheaper but its maintenance cost is high as replacing batteries can get expensive.


These systems are best suited for small and medium-sized businesses where there would be no range or connectivity issues. They can be used in larger premises only if there is a presence of a strong Wi-Fi network.

Wired Access Control Systems

These systems are directly connected to the central access hub. It does not make use of batteries or any network. Wired systems are preferred for their use of hardware. They use better secure electric strikes and electromagnetic locks than wireless systems.

Surprisingly, some of the modern wired systems can still be connected to the Internet and operated remotely through a mobile app.


These systems are more reliable as they are connected to the power supply and batteries are not required. Additionally, these systems are not restricted to a particular range as the wires connect each terminal and provide uninterrupted communication. Wired systems can even be connected between different buildings.


Installing a wired system with wires can be expensive. To save your money, try installing a wired system during the construction of the building or renovations. Else, breaking down walls and installing the system could bring a hole in your pocket.


Wired systems can be used by organizations that need the highest level of security. Such systems use better hardware and provide reliable communication.

It is now your responsibility to choose a perfect access control system for your property.

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