How to Ensure Effective Protection for Your Home

We consider home the safest place where we can live with satisfaction and enjoy our life. But according to different sources, Australia has one of the highest burglary rates in the world. So there is an ample chance that your house may be the next target of the burglars or intruders.

To make our home a less appealing target, the majority of us take some basic steps like installing motion detectors, placing thorny plants beneath windows, putting up a ‘be aware of dog’ sign or making their home inundated with light and so on. Fact says these types of measurements do little contribution to the protection of a house.


If you are interested to know the ways with which you can put up a strong resistance against break-ins, follow our discussion-

Three Tips that will Help You to Ensure Effective Security in Your Home

Make All the Entry Points Secure

In most cases, burglars get access to the property through these three entry points, i.e., doors, windows and the back doors. So it is highly recommended to deploy high security at the entry points. If you are trying to resist burglars from breaking into your house then you can try these options, mentioned below

  • Deadlocks can help in strengthening the security of front and back doors. You just need to ensure that they are used properly.
  • Using strong locks on all windows
  • Installing security cameras and monitored intruder alarms will significantly cause an increment in the security of the house.
  • Motion detection technology can help you to strengthen your home security. They can alert you to any movements in their range.

Securing all the doors and windows will make it hard for the burglars to get access to your house. If you have other entry points like an upstairs window, garage, basement etc. then make sure that they all get these security staff to enhance the security of your house.

Invest in Good Quality Cameras

Security cameras are a good criminal deterrent. Only a few bold burglars risk breaking into a house equipped with a security camera system because this requires skill, finesse, effort and time. According to different sources, houses with security cameras are 300 times safer than houses without security cameras.

Security experts suggest investing in quality security cameras rather than investing in cheap ones because it is a matter of the security of your house. It will capture all the footage and they can be even used as legit evidence.

There are some features you should look for in the security camera system before you invest in it-

  • High-definition picture quality
  • Night vision
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Motion detection
  • Round-the-clock monitoring
  • Response support from a professional security company
  • Huge storage space for footage and recording

Install a Monitored Alarm System

A monitored alarm is another golden opportunity to ensure security in your home. It not only attracts the attention of neighbours but also takes necessary measurements if your home is targeted.

Generally, a burglary happens so quickly, that the average time duration of a burglary is between 8 to 10 minutes. That is why the necessity for a quick response arises. So quicker the response, the more possibility of catching the burglars.

Monitored alarm systems also provide you with 24/7 service, so that you may have peace of mind because you know that your house is safe. Monitored alarm systems come with some features, they are-

  • Attention-catching sirens and lights
  • outdoor/ perimeter sensors
  • Window and door sensors
  • Pet-friendly false alarm reduction technology
alarm service

An Extensive Guide for Security Alarm Services

Nowadays, security has become a matter of great concern in our daily life. The craving for a safe life highers the demand for security in our life. There are different types of security measures and one of them is the security alarm service.

Security Alarm Service
Security alarm services are introduced to detect any kind of unauthorized entry into the building or to any other portions. Once it is installed successfully, it can do its work at full potential providing you with security and peace of mind. It has a broad usage in homes for maintaining residential security, schools and commercial as well as industrial places.

Security alarms follow the basic rule of securing the entry points like doors and windows, well equipped with sensors which are linked with a control panel or command centre. The Control panel plays the role of the brain for an alarm system, it can be accessed by passcodes. Through the control panel, the whole system can be armed or disarmed.

When the doors or windows are closed, the sensors which are already in the connection of the control panel, report that the entry points are secure but in the case of a sudden opening of doors or windows, the control panel traces it as a breach and alert you through high-decibel sounds.

Here are going to discuss some aspects of an alarm system-

Strong Deterrent
The security alarm systems not only provide you security but also deter burglars, thieves or intruders. The presence of an alarm security system is enough to resist criminals from committing a crime. Studies say the possibility of being robbed of a house with a security alarm system is lower than a house without it.

Reduces Insurance Costs
Besides deterring the burglars, the presence of a security alarm system can reduce insurance costs. Whenever your insurance company observe a security alarm system in your house, they can reduce the monthly insurance fee up to 20%. Because the presence of a security alarm system implies that your house is secured. In this way, you ensure security and save your money at the same time.

Uninterrupted Effectiveness
Security alarm systems support working on both electricity and batteries. That means in the case of a power cut they can work uninterruptedly with a battery backup. So you don’t need to compromise the security in the situations like power cuts.

High-Decibel Alarm
Whenever an event of trespassing happens, the security alarm system creates a high-decibel noise, loud and intense enough that the neighbours also hear it. It not only creates trouble for the intruders but also alerts the people inside the home to take necessary measurements as well as alerts the neighbours so that they can help them. With this feature, a security alarm system not only alerts you about the danger but also paves the way for help from different sources.

Highly Mobile
Both the wired and wireless security alarm systems allow uninstalling and disconnecting them to transfer them to different desired locations.

False Alarm
This is a common and most excruciating disadvantage of an alarm system. Alarm systems provide you with peace of mind but sometimes, it brings reverse outcomes by performing a false alarm. Sometimes when a false alarm occurs in your house, police and fire departments reach your property to help you with your emergency. Some police departments can charge for false alarms if it happens and they came to your property in a frequent manner.

Installing a security alarm system can be expensive and may cause further additional charges like maintenance charges, repairing charges etc. which also include monitoring fees on a monthly basis. All these charges for the service of a security alarm system can be costly and this can impact your finance. So a security alarm system with its all charges can make you financially unbalanced.

We have discussed all the possible advantages and disadvantages of having a security alarm system in the above article. With this, you can make your decision whether you should invest in a security alarm system or not. Hope this helps you a lot and provides you with an exhaustive guide on the advantages and disadvantages of a security alarm system.

Benefits of installing monitored security systems

Worrying about home and its security is one of the major concerns faced these days, which in turn, have elevated the need for security systems. But it is hard to choose the best available option in the market. Well, professionally monitored or DIY cameras are the trending products these days!!

And, our company offers a licensed security professional product to safeguard your premises. Our experts will install the components in right place, acknowledging your home layout and family’s need in mind. Our customized security solutions also can be accessed remotely via an interactive security app.

So,before contacting us for any monitored security systems, you need to know the advantages of these systems, listed below, over the regular security devices.

Are you a victim of theft?

If you have recently faced any intrusion or theft then, you must be looking forward to these options to avoid the same in the future!!Similarly, many people approach us just after such an incident or to be prepared for an upcoming time frame. Besides, the installation of monitored alarms professionally will resolve your safety issues and will comfort you as our experts will be monitoring your system round the clock and are always ready to act when the alarm is triggered.

Increasing criminal activities in your area

Increasing criminal activities in your area will naturally be alarming you all the time.This will naturally be driving your attention towards the installation of a security alarm systemfor assuring peace of mind. Additionally, some research studies have further revealed that 80% of the participants are satisfied to install these cameras as it decreases the probability of theft at their place.Besides, it is also advised that if any you witness any such suspicious activities then immediately report to the police as a precautionary step.

Frequent traveling

The professional cameras offered by our company is ideal for those who have to travel regularly for work; as dark or vacant houses attract more burglars as compared to a well-lit house full of people. So, these security devices will monitor your place round the clock. However, you can also opt for devices with automotive features to enhance the safety levels of your premises.

A new addition to the family

This new family member can be a cute addition to the family, enhancing home security. These can be wall-mounted or stand-alone devices and can also be used to monitor your baby or pets within their range. Additionally, the automated home security package offered by our company also permits the homeowners to access their system from any corner of the world, just with a smartphone application.

So, if you are looking for such security devices, feel free to contact us. You can contact us via the contact us page. You can also call us on the toll-free number 1300 23 00 23 or just drop a mail at info@alarmdoctor.com.au. And we assure you with a response as soon as possible.


Why do You Need the Video Intercom Systems?

Video intercoms are the kind of door phones that includes a camera and a display. The camera is installed on the outdoor stations, and the display shows activities that happen in the outside. Once a person presses on the call button that is present on the video phone, the camera gets activated itself and alerts the monitor that is present on the inside. You can have a conversation with the person who is standing outside the door face-to-face by using this video phone.

If you are using electronic doors, then you can configure the settings with the video and use the lock or unlock button to close or open the door. This is something that is optional and is not necessary for you to install the electronic gates.

There are many reasons associated with using video intercoms. For example, when you have kids or infants in your house, you can monitor the people who are knocking at your door and then open the door as per your feasibility. Here are some of the other benefits that you can enjoy when you have installed a video intercom:

Reporting intruders to the police

When visitors have some legitimate businesses with you, you can easily let them enter into your workspace or home by pushing the right button. However, if you feel that there might be potential threats to you if let anyone come into your house or office, then you can discreetly report them to the police officials.

Improving Interoffice communications

Installing video intercoms have a lot of benefits and improving interoffice communications are one of the best benefits you can enjoy. You can customize the interactions between workplaces or within the same office. As these intercoms have both videos as well as voice support, it becomes easier for you to communicate with your employees efficiently.

Preventing Crimes 

The presence of these intercoms is quite enough for you to prevent crimes of thefts and to stay away from the vandals. In case of theft or trespassing, you can use these video intercoms to gather evidence quickly.

Access Controls

Most of the intercom systems are used in the restricted areas within your building premises. You can use this to add another essential security levels along with key cards. You can also use this for the video verification purposes of your staff and other members.

Where can you use it?

There are numerous places where you can use these video intercoms. Starting from schools, colleges, daycare centers, hospitals, clinics, residences, apartment complexes, gated communities, and small or large offices, these video intercoms serve the best purposes. You can install these intercoms in the entrance and exit of your office, garages, basements, and many more places too. 

As the benefits of video intercoms dominate over the cons, it is considered to be the best security option that can opt for. The prices of these video intercoms are also affordable and are kept standard so that you can take care of your security services.


4 Reasons Why you Need a Smart Home Security System

The security of family and property is a priority, and there is nothing to argue on this point. People are ready to spend a chunk of their money for security purposes only, and doing so is extremely important. When it comes to securing a home, people rely on various ways and products. 

The best way to secure a home is to install a home security system. People nowadays have reached one step further and are opting for smart home security systems. In this article, we’ll take a look at the reasons why having a smart home security system is better.

  • Good for fire protection

According to the numbers, every 20 seconds there is a report of a fire. These fires can cause you a great deal of loss, and that’s why you need to have something to rely on. Most people don’t think this way, but having a smart home security system can save you from these fires.

Smart home security systems have various devices that can alarm you in case of any fire. The most famous of these devices are heat sensors and smoke detectors. Once you install these at your place, you don’t have to worry about a fire.

  • Lower Home Owner’s Insurance Premiums

This is another unseen side of having a smart home security system. The owner of the home that has a security system installed, will have to pay a lesser insurance premium. Insurance companies charge you the premium based on the risks. Lesser risks mean lesser premiums. Now, insurance companies know that there are lesser chances of any mishappening at your home and that’s why they’ll charge you less.

You may not believe it, but in this way, you can save thousands of dollars. Now, when you have a lot of money left with you, you can do anything else you want to.

  • Protect yourself from odorless gases

There are numerous gases present in your surroundings that can turn into something else and can affect you. One such gas is carbon monoxide; we don’t need to tell you how dangerous it is. Carbon monoxide is odorless and toxic for humans, and it is emitted from heating systems, gas stoves, and burning woods.

Smart home security systems come with devices that are capable of detecting these harmful odorless gases. So, you don’t have to worry about these gases as well.

  • Monitor your home 24/7

Conventional home security systems need to have someone who keeps a watch all the time. This is something the majority of families aren’t able to do. People have other things to do and hiring an individual is not a budget-friendly thing to do.

This is where smart home security systems do their work. The majority of smart home security systems are linked to your mobile phone. With the help of this link, you can access the cameras of your systems and the system will alarm you in case of any unknown activity.


A Quick Guide to Practicing Proper Fireplace Safety

Everyone loves being soaked in comfort and warmth in chilly winters. An equipment that is made to fulfill this need is wood stoves or fireplaces. Fireplaces and stoves along with their sheer comfort also come with some risks. If you take a look at the stats, you’ll get to know that house fires are very common, and results due to improper handling. Home fireplaces need proper maintenance and inspections. 

If you want to keep your family safe from these potential dangers, you have to keep in mind certain things. In this article, we’ll talk about things that you need to take care of if you want to avoid any mishappening with your home’s fireplace.

  • The area should be clean

The first and the most basic thing you can do is to keep the fireplace area clean. Leaving your fireplace messy can prove to be dangerous because there are chances that there is something combustible in that mess. These combustible items can be anything from newspapers to stuffed toys. These types of items should be kept at least 3 feet away from the fire.

You should also keep electronic things away from the fireplace. Electronic items are very prone to catch fire when exposed to very high temperatures.

  • Keep your fire alarms in check

Fire alarms are one of the best sources to rely on to know if there is a fire or not. But fire alarms also need to be cleaned and checked for batteries. There have been incidents where the alarm ran out of juice and the house caught fire. The best thing that is recommended is to have a routine check for your fire alarm by professionals.

  • Conduct regular inspection of your home

The fireplace is not the only source of fire; there are numerous things in a home that can cause a fire. You should conduct a regular inspection of your home’s electric fittings just to be on the safer side. Eliminate things such as bird nests that are very old and dry. 

  • Dispose of ashes and other such stuff carefully

Cleaning the fireplace after it has been used is important but you should also think about safe disposal of the waste. You get waste products such as ashes and half-burnt wood logs, all of which need to be disposed of properly.

If you are not sure that the fire in these waste products is extinguished properly you can do it yourself.

  • Keep fire extinguisher ready

The first rule about home safety is having a fire extinguisher ready in the first place but just having a fire extinguisher will not do the work. Fire extinguishers need to be replaced if expired and should be kept at a place where they are easily accessible. Also, keep in mind that you should never ever use a fire extinguisher that is already expired.

These are the things you should follow to keep your home safe from catching fire. The last things are if in case there is a fire, you should immediately call the fire brigade as soon as possible.


6 Things You Need to Know About Home Security

Home security is a very important aspect of modern-day life; people can’t imagine their lives without safety, privacy and security. When the idea of home security comes, the very first things that pop into the mind are alarm systems and security alarm. No doubt, alarms, and security systems are great for home security but there are other things as well that are important. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few things that should be considered for home safety.

  • Safe or safe rooms

You can’t always rely on security and alarm systems for proper security. The first thing that should be there in every household is a safe or a safe room. If you buy a safe, be sure of it to be of great quality. On the other side, of you have a safe room; make sure it is secure enough to protect your valuables.

  • Pepper spray

This is something that comes in handy at the time of some sort of small physical attack. Consider a situation where the thief has already broken into your house. Now, your alarm system is of no use, all you can do is to make a call for help. In these types of cases, you need to have something handy. Pepper spray is the best option for that. It can aggravate the eyes very easily, which can lend you some time.

  • Guard dogs

Dogs are one of the best ways to protect and guard your premises. Dogs have several advantages over the other conventional methods of home security. Guarding is in the blood of these dogs and they’ll protect the owner no matter what. Apart from saving you from thieves and burglars, dogs can be your friend too. You can even live a healthy lifestyle if you own an active dog.

  • Proper lighting

This might seem a little unnecessary but it is not. Thieves and burglars look for premises that are not properly lit. To save your house from thieves you should assure that you have proper lighting. Reports have shown that premises that are well lit are less prone to any attack of thieves. Having proper lighting has many other benefits as well.

  • Wireless security systems

If you think that security systems are work best for you, you should opt for the best possible ones. Wired security systems have a big problem that is anyone can disable them by cutting the connection off. To avoid this condition and protect your family and property you should choose the wireless security systems. Installing wireless security systems makes you less prone to such situations.

  • Fire escape stairs

Due to a lack of knowledge, people don’t consider fire escape stairs important enough. But having fire escape stairs is as important as having a security system. In most cases of house fires, the fire is reported to have spread very fast. Even if you have fire alarms, you can’t assure you will save everything. Having these stairs can help save your precious life.


What happens to the Security System if you Shift?

Moving to a new place isn’t an easy task. You have to pack and unpack things carefully. You need to adjust them properly. And above all, you need to think about your security system. When people move to a new place and shift their house, they often wonder what will happen to their security system.

Well, a simple answer to this question would be moving your security system. Your existing security system has been an integral part of your old house. What is the need for a new security system when you can simply move it? It should be known that a security system comes with certain features that allow you to move it from one place to another.

Various Benefits of moving Security System

Your security system was a part of your previous house. If you are shifting to a new place, that doesn’t mean to leave your entire security system behind. Also, you can take your existing system along with you. Shifting to a new house with an old security system means that you are already familiar with the equipment and the technology they use. 

Moreover, you will never feel unprotected in your new home. Furthermore, taking along your existing system has various benefits:

  • It saves money: Security systems have too much cost associated with them while installation. Shifting your system to the new house will save your money. Though shifting a security system does involve a fee but it is much lower than buying and installing an entirely new system.
  • Helps to save time: Moving a security system saves your time. You just need to call the customer support and schedule the day. Moving your system is a more comfortable and convenient step taken to secure your house than installing a new system.
  • It reduces your workload: Since shifting a house is stressful enough so handing over the responsibility of moving your security system will ease your work. It will reduce your load by safely transporting your system from the old address to the new one.
  • Ensures similar safety and security: Moving your entire system will give you the same quality of protection that you used to get earlier. The respective company ensures you complete safety and great quality of protection.
  • You may add additional equipment: If your old security system lacks any feature for the new house then you can add the required equipment anytime to fulfill your needs. Doing so will again cut down your expenses and save your money.

To sum up, you should remember that shifting to a new home is an expensive deal. You should try not to add more costs if you have an option to avoid it. Apart from that, you may contact the company of your home security system. Before completing your packing, give them a call, schedule your moving and save you money.


How to not be a victim of Burglary again? – Burglar Alarm Systems

People usually are found saying that they cannot afford to install any security at their residences. Somehow they manage to come up with the excuse that they don’t need any security system for now. But from the recent survey, we can notice that the crime rates are increasing in numbers day by day. And hence, it has become even more crucial that they understand the need for burglar alarm systems. 

Well, they like it or not, this is the only way to stay safe and not be a victim anymore of burglary. Here we have a few crucial reasons that can’t be ignored in today’s world:

Reasons for choosing Burglar Alarm System

  • Generally, robbers are amateurs, still, there are some sophisticated smart burglars are occurring in recent times. A burglar security system can even outsmart those criminals too. A wireless system won’t be disconnected by just cutting the phone line.
  • Burglar alarm systems are one of the most cost-effective security systems. You don’t have to spend too much amount to install it. In fact, these wireless burglar security systems are less expensive than other security systems. It provides more safety and protection.
  • Some alarms have shutters and motion detection sensors. It will alert the homeowner by making dog bark noises or screeching bells noise. These types of alarms will scare off the robbers.
  • Another great reason to install the Burglar alarm system is their affordability. One can easily get access to these systems through various online websites. 
  • The burglar alarm system has a wired out option. It not only warns the owner by making shrieking noises but also will put a call to a security company through the wired-in device.
  • This security can effectively alert the authority about the robbery. As a result, police can arrive at your doorstep.
  • These wireless and wired burglar alarm systems have an extra measure of protection than any other security.

Make sure your family is safe

No one can predict if your house is safe from the robbers. Moreover, the increased numbers of robbery and violent incidents raise the question of safety. Further, poor to middle class all homes can be a possible target of the robbers. The burglar alarm system can protect you and your family from serious crimes for a small investment. 


If a house owner decides not to think about their house security, they can lose valuable assets forever. People who are never been into any unsafe situation such as burglary and robbing often neglect the possibilities of being robbed in the future. Apart from that, when it comes to family protection there is no such thing as over protection. And hence, maybe it is time to install a new security system to get rid of the fear of any danger.


How to Ensure Your Home’s Safety and Security this Holiday Season?

Christmas season is around the corner and the preparations have already been started. Between all the hustle and bustle of the festive season, one important thing which should not be ignored is safety and security. As well all know, prevention is always better than cure and this also applies to safety. With the festive season coming, you should check your security system in advance to make sure that nothing is faulty and things are working fine. 

What precautions should be taken care of?

The very first step you can take to check if your security system is working fine is by doing a thorough overall check of all the sensors by yourself. If your security system is back to the base type, let the authorities know in advance otherwise the police would show up unnecessarily. Moreover, doing this will provide you with all the important information about your security system. 

You can also extend the overall functioning of your security system by adding several devices such as CCTV cameras and motion sensors. Some new features are also helpful for example some companies provide video verified systems like iAlarm. The functioning of iAlarm is different, for instance whenever there is any alarm notification made by the iAlarm system; it records a short video to the station that is then viewed by the owner. Moreover, this ensures that the video is verified by the user.

Access your security system via smart devices

With the advancements that have been made in the field of technology, video surveillance and security has been improved to a considerable extent and has also become cheap. Now, you even have the option of accessing your security system by your phones and laptops. With this much technology available, this festive season is the best time to upgrade your security system.

If you are planning to go out, you should make sure that your systems are working absolutely fine. Also, keep in mind that this is one of the busiest times of the year so, don’t get fooled and choose the best service provider for yourself. Pacific security is one such reliable option for all your security needs during the festive season. This company is available for all your security needs and services throughout Geelong and Melbourne. 

What else can you expect?

They’ll also do a diagnosis of your security system in a case to check if something needs to get changed or not. The diagnosis covers the replacement of old batteries that your wireless security devices are using. 

In the case, if your system is not back to base type Geelong will do this for you by adding back to base monitoring to your existing security alarm system. Due to the festive season approaching, you will also get a good discount and offers on this upgrade.

One other benefit of having your security system being monitored by this licensed company, apart from these discounts is that you get an overall improved speed that is helpful if there is any mishappening at your place.

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