What is Causing Smoke Alarm to Sound or Beeping?

Smoke alarms can be considered one of the best gadgets invented when it comes to the security system. They are as useful as the other gadgets in your security system like a security camera, alarms, etc. Smoke Alarm systems basically detect smoke or combustible materials and go into the siren mode, to stop this siren the air needs to be cleared first.

Sometimes smoke alarms detect minor smoke which isn’t dangerous but that’s fine as it gives you an idea that your alarm system is sensitive and is working fine.

Apart from this case sometimes the alarm system starts to make sound, beep or even chirp without any smoke that is basically fake alarm. So, let’s take a look at what should you do in case your smoke alarm in giving you false alarm sound.

First, let’s go through the reasons why your smoke alarm is giving you false beeps.

  • The battery may be loose or installed improperly: This could be an obvious reason because a loose battery would affect the connectivity of the whole system causing a false alarm.
  • Dirt in the smoke detection chamber: This problem arises due to improper cleaning of the detector. Over a course of time dust starts getting into the chamber which blocks the opening of the chamber making it insensitive and causing false alarms at the same time.
  • The system might be very old: After all, it’s a machine and like all other machines or electronic devices, it has its own life span. Due to the system being very old it’s obvious that it would start getting problems with its functioning. So, you got to know some of the main reasons for a false alarm now let’s take a look at what should be done in order to avoid these.
  • The battery should be checked and if found discharged it should be changed and if the battery is simply loose you should install it properly.
  • In case your alarm system has a sealed battery the system might have reached the end of its life and this is the time to replace it. You’ll get a beep every 30 seconds that means your system needs a battery replacement.
  • The system needs to be checked and cleaned to ensure that no dirt is blocking the smoke detection chamber. You can simply send it to the service provider of you can also try your hands on but that’s not recommended.

If all the above-mentioned things are taken care of you would most probably never get a false smoke alarm. And in case you are still getting the alarm you can simply contact Alarm Doctor for help.

Top 7 Security Systems Types for Your Business

Whether it is your business or your lovely house, the fear of theft will always be on top priority. With the advancements in technology the thieves also are getting advanced. They are developing new techniques to bypass the advancing technology. So, here we have for you the most advanced and trusted security system available in the market.


  • Security Alarm Systems:
    The most common but trusted anti-theft system. These come in handy when you have intrusion through a window, doors, etc., as these can detect broken doors and windows because these come with a motion sensor so the entry can be tracked and monitored.

    Moreover, these systems are the best and cheap when you want to have 24/7 surveillance.


  • Fire Alarms:
    These don’t notify about the robberies but they warn you before you lose your valuables. It is a must in the business set up as these detect early signs of fires. SO you not only save your life but also the lives of your employees as well.


  • Wireless Alarm Systems:
    One of the most advanced security systems on the planet because of being wireless it mostly goes unnoticed. The intruders will get confused as there are no wires. You will know all the time that who is messing up with your valuables. Research and development are going on to find the alternate source of power in case of main power failure.


  • Video Monitoring Systems:
    Video monitoring systems protect your house and business round the clock. You can capture the video of the intrusion. This comes in handy in case when you have to report to the police about the robbery. Some of the companies are even giving 24/7 surveillance.


  • Limited Access Systems:
    If you want to restrict some of the areas of your building so that only permitted persons have access to that area. These systems have the timings of the person who enters the restricted area. So if your things go missing, you can check the record.


  • Monitored Systems:
    These types of systems come embedded in other security alarms. It is with the help of these systems that you get notified about the miss-happening in your business or house.

    You can even get 24/7 monitoring through an app in your smartphone. Also if you have not so smartphone you can get notified through SMS as well.


  • IP-Monitoring Security Systems:
    The use of IP cameras also known as Internet Protocol Cameras gives you better video quality, you can even customize it to focus on the motion that is where the intrusion is taking place. It has many advanced features that you can see the happening when you are continents apart.
holiday security alarm tips

Let your vacations be more memorable and exciting!!

Are you planning for an international or national tour during the upcoming months?? Or worried about your home being burgled or robbed behind your back by interlopers or criminals?? Well, it not a matter to worry anymore, as our home security system will watch your back every second. Our company know the importance of holidays and family vacations and thus assures the no-worry trips to each of our esteemed clients. Instead of offering an open paradise to the burglars, it’s good to provide them with a free trip to behind bars, by installing a high-tech home security system that captures their act of theft.

Our compact yet steady expert
Our company’s product portfolio comprises of many CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and other such smart and IoT devices that will note every single and minor trace of movement are happening in your premises, behind your back! These technically advanced and modern systems will guarantee the safety of your assets in a brilliant way. These small yet efficient CCTV surveillance systems can also be operated remotely, which allows the user to monitor his place from any corner of the world.

One can also install an alarm system in addition to the essential CCTV; to further enhance the security level of the premises. As these alarm system automatically gets activated when someone tries to have a forced entry in your area or breaks the windows for entering the home. Additionally, this advanced security systems also notifies the owner, his nominated contacts and the local police about this deliberate attempt of theft. Moreover, the user doesn’t have to buy a new one, our products and services are compatible with the basic versions also. Henceforth, entertaining the clients with minimum expenditure on security systems.

Other do not forget things
If you are leaving for a vacation, then apart from activating or upgrading your home security systems, you also have to focus on other parameters to safeguard your place. It may also account to the closing of curtains and blinds, as it is better if you don’t showcase the valuables to intruders. Besides, it is also mandatory to securely lock your doors and windows. As they are the primary and most common points that allow the entry of the robbers.

It is also confirmed from the daily crime report data, which stated that 45% of theft was due to the open windows and doors. Henceforth, it is necessary to check and confirm the locking of doors and windows, before you leave for your vacations.

Give us a call for easy installation
Your few steps can save your home from being robbed; in return, you have to follow the above mentioned simple steps along with the installation of advanced home security systems. In the case of inquiry, you can contact our company via the telephone number indicated on the website. Additionally, you can also drop us an email demanding a free quote for your products and services. Hope to get in touch soon!!

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Stay Updated About Crimes in Your Area

Security is one the main concern of a modern day family, the increased number of crimes and thefts has reached a level where taking precautions for your own safety is very important.

No matter how safe you stay still there might be something due to which you’ll face crimes such as robbery of burglary. The most shocking fact is that nowadays thieves don’t look for things which they used to look for like expensive electronic devices like TV, laptops, etc. they have their eye on things like passport, debit card, I’d card etc.

This shows that not only your expensive things are in danger but also your identity because that can be used for bigger robberies. You should always take the required measures to stay safe and keep your premises safe, but doing so is not that easy if you are not well aware and informed.

So, in this article, we are going to suggest some things which if you take care of you will save your expensive commodities.

Staying in an informed community
Imagine living in a community where you are well informed about the crimes that took place in your neighborhood. It serves you two purposes the first and very obvious is that you stay updated about your neighborhood and second is that you get information about the thief. Information about thief means the particular way in which that thief does his work done and the things which he targets or the pattern in which he proceeds.

All this doesn’t seem that important to you but trust me this is important as this will help you a lot in understanding the behavior of those trying to sneak in your area. The next question is how to do this?

Social media
Social media is the best way to stay updated because of the involvement of people in this. Every other person in today’s tune uses social media to be it Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.

Facebook can be used quite simply, you can make groups of your neck neighboring communities so as to so update. This will help you a lot. There is a website called next door that is designed to connect neighbors by providing a private social media platform.

Research the area you are going to move in
If you are planning to move to a new place, make sure you keep yourself fully aware of that locality. You should know things like the crime rate, the most common crime, a critical time for crimes to happen.

Doing this is more than enough; if you do this carefully you’ll realize that you saved yourself from any big mishappening that was going to take place. These were some ways to keep yourself safe, simply follow these ways with all your mind and you’ll never get to face any crime.


The Security Alarm Code Basics

Every alarm system works differently on the basis of its codes. Generally, most of the alarm systems have a code to activate and deactivate it. A good security code helps to keep you and your business safe. It is necessary that you remember your code as entering the wrong code may leave you helpless.

Additionally, entering a wrong code may lead to false security alarms and you will end giving a call out fees to your security company. A security alarm system is designed in such a way to protect your business provided that you handle it in an appropriate manner.

Here are a few basics tips that will help you to create hard-to-crack codes and keep your business safe. Following tips will also reduce the chances of false alarms.

Don’t make an easy code
Making an easy code like your date of birth may get easily guessed by the intruders. Avoid repeating digits codes such as 1111, 6666, etc. or sequential numbers such as 5678, 5432, etc. both backward or forward. Though you will not forget it easily, it may be easily identifiable by the invaders. Such codes are predictable and easily accessible.

Don’t set the default alarm code
Whenever a security alarm system is installed, it is set to a default code. The default codes are easy like 0000 or 1234 and many people forget to change it.
Changing default codes is very important since many thieves are well aware of the common default codes. The default codes may leave you at high risk.

Change your code often
This is a very essential step especially for businesses. Changing your code frequently will help you to keep your former employees and old service providers away from premises. In addition to that, using same code results in the use of the same keys.

This frequent use of same will tear down the keypad, making it easier for the crooks to guess the right code. Avoid reusing passwords as well. In case of multiple employees accessible to the building, you should provide them individual codes.

This means when any one of them leaves nobody has to learn a new code. This reduces the chances of false alarms. Security alarm system is strong only when its weakest link that is the security code is handled appropriately.

The only weakness is the choice of this security code to activate or deactivate the alarm. So, use the security alarm system smartly and keep the burglars away from your zone.  


Top 10 Tips to Keep Your House Secure from Theft

Crimes like home burglary and robbery are kind of the things we get to hear about almost on every alternate day. Mostly these crimes are often a matter of convenience. Moreover, these home burglars often stake out a housekeeping a track on the inhabitants, thereby predicting their presence.

People who are often away on business trips or those who have a busy schedule should be cautious in order to prevent home break-ins.

Top 10 Tips for your Home Security (if you are a Frequent Traveler):

  1. Try to put a hold on your letters and emails. As an overflowing mailbox could be an indication of your absence to burglars.
  2. Have someone to maintain the levels of snow or the lengths of lawns around. So, none can assume your absence for a long period of time.
  3. Inform the local police department of your non-availability as they could drive by anytime to make sure nothing unusual is occurring.
  4. Ask neighbors you trust to make sure no one is walking around your property or inside your home while you are away.
  5. Make sure you have the best home security system up and working in its best way. Do not forget to test your home alarm system. Consult a professional if needed.
  6. Consider installing a video surveillance system as it would allow you to see your home from thousands of miles away simply by using your mobile or device. It is important to have a home monitoring system professionally installed, to ensure that you do not miss out on any of the benefits or privileges.
  7. Use outdoor lightings to your advantage as this would help you as a theft deterrent. Motion activated lights are ideal to scare off trespassers.
  8. Covering up your window would help you avoid break-ins and theft. Usually, home break-ins area matter of convenience even-though some are planned in advance. Hence, make sure that people passing by cannot see the valuables inside your house.
  9. Explore Z-Wave technology to control interior lightings as that would schedule indoor and outdoor lights to go on and off throughout the property in varying rooms at different times of the day.
  10. Have someone park in your driveway time in and out, to make it appear that someone is home. Or you may even ask a good friend or family member to drop down every now and then to keep a check on the house and also maintain it a bit in your absence.

Hence, if you are traveling frequently, these 10 above-mentioned tips might help in ensuring the safety of your home and belongings. So, try them out and share with others as well.


How You Can Boost Your Home Value with A Security System?

In today’s era, the demand for security is very high. Be it outside the home or inside it, nothing is safe if you don’t have proper security measures. Cases of burglary and housebreaking tend to occupy a column in newspapers every day with its petrifying impacts.

A home security system allied with tenacity is the armor against burglary fire and other unforeseen happenings. An alarm at home keeps nasty burglars away. Alarm system not only insurance mental peace but it also brings along financial benefits. So here I have got a brief list of few of them:

1. Diminish insurance cost

As per the surveys, many insurance companies come up with a handful of offers for homes with security systems. Better the security system better is the insurance deal.

And the wireless alarm system is like a cherry on the cake, you will have a Central control system with expanded protected areas.

2. Alarms and cameras- tools to increase the value

If you need potential buyers, you got to save their expenses on security system it will automatically increase your home value. Check out our products, it gives a clear image, amazing night vision with alarm triggers. Invest here and boost the value of your home.

3. Monitoring services help you to escape from financial loss

Once you sign up to an alarm monitoring service, your home will be guarded 24/7. All the security devices will be interconnected. Once a threat is detected, the monitoring center will receive notification and alert proper authorities for a quick response. So if all your financial assets will be under strict protection there is no chance of loss.

4. Protect Your Life’s work using the fire alarm system

If you want to prevent everything you have from turning them into Ashes. You need to install a fire alarm from a large variety of fire alarms, a pro at home security systems. The system sensor P2WL, siren, and the Fire-Lite MS4, a control panel will work in your favor.

Tips to ensure safety and security at home:

  • Social media- Be careful about things you post on social media properly access your privacy settings and share things confined to your private network.
  • Door locks- use proper door locks and do refer consumer reports for the same.
  • Emergency plans- Be aware and also enlightened your kids with survival kits, how to arm and disarm the security system.

The home comprises of family memories and other essential things that are necessary for survival and some which are close to our heart so its value is way more than an alarm system.

And the expense of an alarm system does not even attend to that of a home’s value. 


How Alarm Doctor is best for Your Home Security?

Having a perfect family is one’s desire. We often neglect proper safety, which can be dangerous in certain cases. So, why don’t we rethink the ways of protecting our families in a better way, making ourselves also stress-free at the same time?

We know that identifying the perfect home security system is getting difficult as there are tons of choices, complicated plans, and companies, out in the space. So, we have eased out your stress, a bit by introducing you to the Alarm Doctor Home Security Service, the alternative to your happiness and security of your loved ones.

Alarm Doctor understands the importance of feeling protected under a device just like a smartphone which helps you create a safe canopy in and around your home. This smart device not only alerts you at time of emergencies like fire or medical ailments but also protects unwanted people to enter in. Home Automation also plays it’s a vital role, here.

Let’s check out some ways that how using Alarm Doctor Home Security and Home Automation service can help you protect the lives of your loved ones. This also includes your biggest investment, the house, you created.

What if someone is in danger or gets hurt?

Alarm Doctor understands that serious events like medical emergencies must be handled carefully, quickly and efficiently. Having a great yet reliable option is safer than having none.

This security comes with Medical Pendants and bracelets which when pressed, creates an immediate alert to the medical staff, which in return, and helps the patient with the required assistance.

How can this security system detect fire?

As listed in the National Fire Protection Association, the types of equipment like fire alarms and smoke detectors, are important as the early warning models. The Alarm Doctor Home Security makes it more convenient by providing start-of-the-art equipment which covers every bit of your property to provide the largest protection from fire.

If in certain chances, you are busy enrolled in something, feel assured as our 24 hour Central Station Monitoring Centre keeps an eye on the alarm notifications for protection in your absence.

If you are ever left out on the streets

Having your keys inside your home can frustrate many due to the inability of entering your own house. But what if I say that use of Alarm Doctor helps you with this too?

We have a feature which helps you enter keyless, by using the Six-Button Keypad. The use of keyless entry and wireless remote locks are safe as they pass under professionals test, making it an unforgettable experience with trust.

How’s it like seeing your home through a Smartphone?

The process called Home Automation helps one to remotely arm or disarm their home alarms. It also let the monitor cameras, turn on and off their household lights; monitor motion detectors and even can set the temperatures of their air-conditioners. Maintenance of all the household regulations not only allow to mark the visibility of safety but also helps to monitor your property, just on your smart device.So, what are you waiting for? The possible reasons that how can Alarm Doctor security alarm service help you in protecting your family and your property just through your Smartphone, have been discussed above. Take your time for selecting the best for a better, safer and indeed a loving atmosphere. Healthy & Safe Living!


How a False alarm can Prove Dangerous?

In current world situation crime, theft and burglary have been the biggest threat to security. It is not possible for human being to keep watch on everything all times. There are security solutions available in the market which can work as eyes and ears of human to avoid any unwanted situation.

For example, CCTV cameras or various alarming system can be a few of them. Alarms are defined as devices which can be configured to make a sound on certain conditions. Alarms can be used to be cautioned in a different kind of situation while being at home or away like when you are in office.

These alarms can be triggered when someplace caught fire, someone is smoking in the non-smoking zone, and your car is opened by someone else without you noticing it. These are a few of the examples where an alarming system can be extremely useful to be safe and to protect your belongings.

But we need to think about other aspects of it. An untimely or unintentional alarm can put you in a dangerous or unwanted situation. Technology has made our life easy and safe but ultimately they are machines and not 100% fault proof. Moreover, in most of situations, it has been found that false alarms are because of lacking maintenance.

As stated earlier the lack of care and maintenance is the main cause of false alarm, there may be few more reasons to it like alarms are in reach of mischievous elements who can misuse it, bad or wrong code/conditions are configured, mock drills where the false alarms can be used to teach people to cope with unwanted situations.

Though it has many advantages, for sure false alarm comes with a few disadvantages also. They may be pointed as below:

  • Beeping false alarm multiple time and without reason will create an ambiguity in the minds of surrounding people and they will take it as normal. This will create a problem when a serious alarming situation arises and people don’t come out to help thinking it as a false alarm.
  • Untimely alarms without any reason can irritate people around. Moreover, old aged people, infants or diseased people face more problems with alarms.
  • The false alarm if reaches security agencies multiple time, it may backfire as police will also not take it seriously in case of a real needy situation. Moreover, this can also cost or damage you only if the agency puts a case against you for setting up a false alarm.

These problems of a false alarm can be fixed to avoid problematic situations in the below ways:

  1. Maintenance prevents false alarms: False alarms can be prevented by maintaining and servicing the system timely.
  2. Try alarm adjustments: With right configuration and adjustment, false alarms can be prevented.
  3. Know your system well: Knowing about your need and requirements will help to set up security alarms for the right situations and the right time.

Predicting the Proper Working of Your Home Security System

In today’s modern era we have advanced a lot but at the same time we are also no safe whether in workplace, streets or even in our own home. But the invention of security system has allowed us to be at peace about the security of our home and workplace. Home security system has allowed home owners to feel safe while being at home or away from home. If you’re concerned about protecting your home against intruders or you want added protection against fire and flooding, a security system can help give you peace of mind.

But the feeling of being safe is being threatened when the security system of the home stops working properly. The safety of the home owner could be at risk. The situation can be at worse if the home owner is not aware about the failure of the security system or the not working of the home  system and due to this threat to the safety can remain undetected and this can led to some dangerous situation.

The non working home security systems can put safety of your family, your loved ones and your property at risk.

Considering the threats faced by the people due to faulty home security systems; here we are listing some of the common security alarm problems people experience with electronic security alarm systems so that people can be alert beforehand:

  • Your security system is beeping
  • Your home alarm goes off for no reason
  • Your system won’t alarm
  • Something goes by undetected Or in other words we can list those like below:
    System Failure, False Alarm, Constant Beeping

Security systems make use of available technologies like sensors to detect motions and sense environment. False triggers are one of the major shortcomings of current security systems. Same frequency interference is also a fatal weakness of wireless alarm systems. The whole system will be disable, if you press any of button of wireless keypad to emit the same frequency, it will cause the alarm to not to receive the signal from triggered wireless detector. Some of manufacturers adopt interference identify alarm method to conquer this problem. Sensor detection alarm systems only recognize movements, they sometime trigger in case of pets as well, if pet jumps above their threshold height. Nobody would appreciate a noisy siren in the midnight, specially after spending money on an expensive security system. Repetitive false triggers also make people less reactive when a real incident takes place.

A situation might come when home security systems beep constantly, it means now your system needs maintenance. The following are the measures you should follow for such situations:

  • Replacing old batteries with new ones
  • Resetting your system before pressing the status button your keypad
  • Using a voltmeter to check wiring for corrosion
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