Why it is necessary to install security systems at building and construction sites?

The crime rates in Australia are elevating day by day, these may include theft, property damage, breaking, and entering, etc. This elevation further created the need for installing security alarm systems within the premises. As per the reports, published by the Overseas Security Advisory Council, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, U.S. Department of State, Australia recorded 529,230 offenses in 2019, which is 4.1% more as compared to the previous year.

The report further stated that around 70% of the crimes were related to property and or deception, including breaking, bribery, burglary, property damage, and theft; whereas the rest were related to crimes against people, including assault, robbery, sexual offense, blackmail, stalking, homicide. This justifies the need for the installation of security devices to protect your property and loved ones from any kind of threat.

Why nights are more prone to theft activities?

The day hours are generally crowded and well-lit during the working hours. But, are you prepared for the night hours?

Well, the night hoursserve to be the ‘cherry of the cake’ for the thieves or robbers. As these hours have low to no people present at the construction sites. Besides, such is much darker during the night hours and can be left unguarded for long periods, during weekends, bad weather conditions, or even holidays.

Need for security devices at construction sites

If you require security alarm systems for a construction site, then do contact our company for the same. As the new construction sites are full of building materials, including the iron bars that can be robbed. Similar goes with the renovating sites, the buildings under the renovation can be a break-in opportunity for the intruder, who might be stalking your place. As these are the place that is not well guarded!

Role of security devices in this scenario

Considering the above situations, it becomes necessary for building developers and owners to install a security device for preventing further losses. Installing such devices on-site will ensure that all the equipment and materials are in place and will not delay your work by any means. Thus, the installation of security camera systems can be considered as a one-time investment that can save you from extra unnecessary costs.

Other benefits of CCTVs

The installation of CCTVs will also enable you to monitor the construction work accurately, keeping a sharp eye on the activities that are happening on-site. Some other benefits of installing a security system at construction sites include easy analysis of the progress of the construction project, prevents crime, promotes work safety, records injuries or accidents involving workers, aids with insurance, maintains peace of mind, and so on.

Thus, to safeguard your construction site, you can contact our company for the best security services in town!  As our security systems for construction and building sites are wire-free and are independent of phone lines or internet services. The security device can easily be installed anywhere with just a mobile phone signal.So, feel free to contact us for free consultation and quote, and keep your premise safer from the cunning eyes!!


Know the relation between security systems and home insurance!

It is a fact that security systems are dependent on home insurance. But do you know how? Well, the answer is a bit complicated but still is summarized in the blog below!

Popular home security systems

Some popular and demanding home systems accounts to image and video alarm verification systems, traditional motion alarm systems, wired security cameras, and wireless security cameras. The image and video alarm verification systems are a bit exceptional as they are integrated with a camera that detects movement. On the other hand, the traditional motion alarm systems are easy to install, offers low entry cost, and can be monitored round the clock.

Similarly, the wired security cameras are more reliable, offer high-resolution images, and are often most highly valued by insurance companies. However, the wireless security cameras offer easy installation, saves installation time and cost, and are 25% effective in reducing the crime rate.

Things covered under home insurance

In general, home insurances offer fire loss, theft activities, and damage caused by these forces like hail storms or lightning strikes. But it varies from person to person liable on the policy or provider you choose!! Thus, you should be aware of the plan and things covered in your insurance before the final payment.

Savings onsecurity systems

The home insurance cost is dependent on the risk of damage or theft activities. However, you can still save few pennies in two ways. Firstly, by confirming the security of the premise and decreasing its cost at renewal time. Secondly, by installing a security camera,as it will catch the culprit red-handed!! The footage captured by it will be considered as strong evidence and will ease the investigation procedure. So, you just need to be detailed by the provider before making the final payment for the system.

Costs of security

The overall cost of insurance is reliant on the insurance provider and the number of false alarms. Thus, the cost will be elevated if any kind of private patrolling is detected. So, one should consider the need and available add-on products before investing in home insurance.

Role ofsecurity systems in reducing the cost of home insurance

Insurance companies are more involved in the protection of your premises and people. However, there are no pre-defined standards for home insurance. But still, the amount can be reduced with the implementation of alarm security systems. Thus, it is important to discuss your need with the insurance provider to reduce the overall cost. You can also save by combining different types of insurances. As the merging of car insurance with home insurance, by the same provider, will affect the total premium cost.

Which combination is better?

The combination of a camera system with alarms one of the fruitful combos considering the home insurance cost. This will enable easy claiming of the insurance payout, diminishing the need for a comprehensive investigation. Besides, the camera footage is strong evidence in identifying the trespasser or intruder behind the criminal activity.

Moreover, it can also be accomplished by pairing the existing motion sensor alarm system with a wired or wireless cam; or even a verified alarm system. Thereby, you can contact our company for an appropriate and comprehensive guide on home insurance with security systems.


The alarm system should be upgraded, is it worth it?

With time technology changes and a lot of changes in a new one. If your alarm system had installed more than 5-6 years ago you should look back to. Because modern systems come with a lot if a change like a smartphone and wireless connectivity. The most important change is for your security. Many homeowners change their alarms because of security reasons. The latest technology you have the more protection you will get. If you have a system older then you should be upgraded. But there are many more factors to upgrade the alarm system.

  • The system is not wireless.
    you are still using a landline operating alarm system that is connected with wire, you should get up definitely. Since it is reliable for many years but there are many possibilities that the landline connection is not able to give you security as much you wanted. Wire can be cut easily by anyone if this will happen then the Alarm system can secure you. In the rainy season, there is a high possibility that the wire will get damaged if the wire is in poor condition or poor quality. Wireless can tolerate rain easily.
  • life changes over the time
    We all know that lifestyle changes over time. You have a part to stay out of the house, or you have to stay in the office the whole day then you have to accessibility of your home on your smartphone so you can monitor your home.
  • Your system becomes too old.
    If you are using an alarm system for five–10-year-old then or you are living on rent and the old system is there and you are thinking to upgrade then you have to consider these facts. The old system is too outdated that you will not even get a quick notification. It hasn’t any update according to demand.
  • No caretaker
    If you are out of time or you gave house at rent. Since it is an electronic-devices and it needs care and you can’t be sure that your renter is taking care or not. There is a lot of home system are rises in market and you can install them, it will give you additional security and accessibility to phone.
  • Adaption of new technology
    New technology comes with a lot of features that help us to adapt easily. And it set a high standard for our home. You can control the HVAC system because the alarm system allows us. Controlling the HVAC system means you can control the light, control the door also. You can activate or deactivate at any time. If the alarm got triggered, your phone would instantly give you notice.
  • Are you ready to upgrade?
    According to the above case, you will upgrade if you want to Alarm Doctor is always ready to provide you the right security system. Alarm Doctor provides premium quality service to you. If you have made up your mind to upgrade then contact us today and we will get in touch with you.
smart alarm system

Smart Home Alarm Systems: Details Inside

Need a security system but finding it difficult to know where to start from? Checking with a highly professionally installed security company is very beneficial that helps in determining which security company is best for the homes. Smart home alarm systems focus on complementing the lifestyle without complicating it. Alarm Doctor offers wireless-based home security services that are highly customizable and available as help in providing professional installation and monitoring. Depending on the needs of the client, one can choose a system that will help in monitoring the home surveillance by 24/7 professionals.

In this technology fasten age, smartphones help us with many of our daily lives in many ways. It brings sense to our security that is merely easily available. When everything seems fast-paced and moving around, the option to control the security from one touch of a finger can bring drastic changes that are a little bit easier. This is the main criteria for Pacific Security Ground and the interactive Security system. This involves a smart alarm system that can be controlled from wherever one can just with the help of a smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Clients can avoid the uneasy feeling of not knowing whether one has turned the alarm on when one is rushed to leave for work. With the help of a smartphone, an individual can turn off the alarm from there. Clients must also be warned if the smart home alarm system goes off. This is one of the plus options that is a must and helps in sending automatic notifications on the phone.

What are the benefits of a smart alarm system?

Common benefits of smart alarm system include:

  • Receives real-time alarm status updates.
  • Be instantly alerted when a security alarm goes off. With push notifications.
  • Receive direct notifications when a member of the household arrives home.
  • Control home control device such as door and lights helps to lower the energy cost and makes life more easy and convenient.
  • Remotely turn off any appliance left on at home.
  • Manage the account detail, alarm codes, notifications, and the access level of each user.
  • Receive intrusion alerts and even view security cameras.

Clients who have relied on security products usually fear hacking of security cameras. Like any other product that connects to the internet and use wireless technology, smart home security system are vulnerable to hacking but with the help of Alarm Doctor, security alarms are not hacked and are well managed. Some security systems use frequency hopping tech to prevent signal jamming, while others use embedded encryption, but neither feature is standard, so check with the manufacturer if you require an extra layer of security.

Smart home alarm system provides individual with proper peace of mind and the freedom of wireless smart home security and automation. Discover different endless home automation possibilities and packages that Pacific Security offers.

Secure your home for a peaceful sleep or when you are away from home or out for a vacation with Alarm Doctor. We provide a Wired or Wireless or hybrid Intrusion Alarm System based on your need.

alarm system cost

How much does a security alarm cost?

Installing an alarm system is one of the most crucial security measures as these are one of the best methods to protect homes or businesses. As many different products are available which makes it hard to choose that which security alarm is a reliable or effective one. When one is residing in a city like Sydney where rustling and bustling never stops, it is not unusual to spend time outdoors. It is normal to observe that at one point we leave the house empty. With valuables back at home, there is hardly any moment that goes by without worrying about the security of the home. This is where the home security alarm fits in.

Here at Alarm Doctor helps people in Sydney to live a safe and good atmosphere. Using the advanced methods of the Alarm Doctor, one can live safely and keep one valuable secure. The cost of security alarm varies from $600 to over $2000 depending on professional grade alarm system.

What are the factors on which the cost of a security alarm depends?

One of the most significant factors which help in assessing home security system costs depends on the type, quantity, and quality of equipment like security cameras, motion sensors, doorbell camera and more. The security alarm cost depends on 7 key factors that include:

  • Number of zones
  • Detection devices
  • Wired vs wireless
  • Complexity of installation
  • Monitoring type
  • Numeric keypad or touch screen panel
  • Communication device

Reasons for having a security alarm installed includes:
To maintain the confidentiality of a company, its products, services, and many other things. Security alarms can be installed in offices as well as homes. The biggest question that arises in the mind of the individuals in the workplace is that is every employee trust-worthy? Owning these doubts is not a big issue but dealing with these usually makes a person in a good position.

A security alarm is one of the best security systems which is secured through a system of interworking components and devices. Home security system works simply on the principle of securing entry points into the home with sensors that communicate with a control panel or command center that is installed in a recognized place.

How does a security alarm work?

Doors and window sensors are one of the best security systems that are installed adjacent to each other. One part of this is installed on the door or window and the other on the door frame or window sill. When the door is closed, both parts of the sensor are joined together thus creating a security circuit. As the security system is armed at the control panel, these sensors communicate by reporting that the point of entry is secure. These doors or windows are monitored. If these open suddenly, the security circuit is broken and the control panel interprets this as a breach of the secured zone. The alarm monitoring company is notified automatically.

How can Alarm Doctor help?

Alarm Doctor has always provided a helping hand to individuals who are in danger. Serving the needs of individuals in the installation of various security systems is beneficial and valuable. The security system has proven to be very helpful for individuals who desire to live a safe life.


Why Security Alarm System Gives False Alarms? How can you Stop it?

You will often come across security systems giving false alarms that can create a lot of nuisance within your building. The common reasons for these false alarms are sometimes challenging to identify. Although there are many reasons why these false alarms are heard from the security systems, you can check the common causes, as mentioned below. 

From these common causes, you can determine a few techniques on how you can prevent these false alarms or stop them completely.

Environmental Hazards

Most of the time, the common cause of false alarms from your security systems, are caused because of the ecological imbalances or reasons. When you hear these false alarms in the first place, make sure that you keep a tab on the open windows, doors, fans, and other things that are present in your house.

If there are no motion detectors installed, then you need not have to check the air conditioners present in your house.


Another vital cause that creates such a nuisance is vermon. When you hear such false alarms, check for the signs of ants, cockroaches, or any other pests that might be present in your house. You can also get in touch with the pest control service providers who can determine any pests that are present in your home.

Installation issues

If your system is installed for a while and you keep hearing false alarms now and then, then it might be a problem with the installation. If it’s under warranty and a few services are left, you can get in touch with the service provider and raise a complaint on this. You can also shift your detector to some other place in your house when you are reinstalling it.

When do you need an alarm system?

Most of the time, people tend to install an alarm system in their house when they feel that something is going wrong in their homes. To prevent any issues inside the house and ensure that it’s safe and secure, people install these alarm systems in the house.

The alarm system helps you in communicating properly by monitoring your house 24/7. It’s also essential for you to keep certain things in mind when you are installing an alarm system. You will have to ensure that the service and maintenance of the alarm system are well-taken care off.

Siren tampers are also one of the major causes of false alarms from your security system. You will have to keep a check of it when you are servicing the alarm systems regularly.


Alarm Systems are a boon to all those people who are always away from their houses. If your home is prone to any calamities, the alarm systems warn you quite earlier when any such events are likely to take place. However, don’t get confused with the false alarms that are given by your security systems and ensure to check why the warning is being given before taking any further step.


When your Burglar alarm was last serviced ?

With the increasing competition, the market for security devices and services has also increased to a considerable extent. You can get the type of security you need by following a few simple steps. When it comes to security there are many devices available that are used for this purpose. You get CCTV cameras, motion detectors, smoke alarms, burglar alarms and all other sorts of devices according to your needs.

These devices take care of your security round the clock. You might not know but you also need to take proper care of these devices from time to time to get an assurance of your safety. This article talks about the servicing of burglar alarm systems, what you need to know and how to do it. Let’s take a look at it

Why do burglar alarms need servicing?

The first question, which might pop into your head, is the reason why the servicing of the burglar alarm system is important. The simple reason behind it is to prevent any future failure that might take place due to a present bug.

There could be anything from dust on the circuit board to the complete failure of the circuit. Another most common fault that happens is the failure of batteries and this happens when batteries have not been replaced for more than 2 years. You should always keep a check on the battery health of your security devices.

One thing you should keep in mind that instead of doing all of it by yourself, you should take the help of a professional. It might cost you a little more than what you expected but it will save you from any mishappening in the future.

How frequently do your security devices need servicing?

This is a very common and obvious question and the answer to it depends on the type of system you have for example if you have an alarm only system then you at least service your alarm once a year. In case you are using an alarm that is being monitored by someone else then it needs to be serviced at least twice a year.

You should not completely rely on the servicing and should also look for your system yourself. You should constantly keep checking for circuit breaks, blown fuses or faulty switches. If you find any problem before the servicing period, you should call a professional for help without any second thought.

What is included in the servicing package?

If you are out of warranty, there are chances that you are paying a good amount on the servicing of your alarm and that are why you should know that is done to your device when it is being serviced.

First of all, your device is checked thoroughly for any issues or faults. In this process, your devices are checked for all potential spots of the problem. For example, the circuit is checked, the batteries are tested and the overall working capacity of service all this and much more is tested and serviced in the servicing package.


How to keep your Home as Safe as Possible when you are Away?

Security is an important aspect of modern life; in this fast-growing world we need security in almost every aspect. The most common places and things we need security for are our home, official or business spaces. It is definitely easy to have an eye on things when you are near your property of belonging but what to do when you are away from your space. 

In such type of cases, you need to have a reliable source of security which you can trust without taking the stress. The most common options of security are installing security systems that include security cameras, alarms, sensors, and other such devices. Moreover, there are also certain things that you need to keep in mind in the case if you want to assure the safety of your space and your loved ones.

In the case, if you are a working person or a student or simply like spending time away from your home, then definitely most of the time your home is left alone. This makes your property vulnerable to theft or burglary. Moreover, the time has gone when you would trust your neighbors or nearby people for the security of your premises. And hence, you definitely need to rely on modern solutions such as security sytems for your modern problems.

Investing in Security Systems

If being away from home is your thing, then you should definitely look for a good quality security system that has all important devices such as CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and motion sensors, etc. This is going to be your one-time investment and can save you from numerous potential security threats that you might not have any idea about.

In case you don’t get enough time to even monitor your system, there are companies that can do this for you. These types of companies offer their services along with their security systems. This would definitely save your precious time.

Use Smart Home Appliances
You might underestimate these devices but smart home appliances can save you a lot. For instance, you install smart home lights in your home which you can simply control from your smartphone, you can turn on and off these lights whenever you want from any part of the world. 

In the case, if any burglar is having an eye on your property, he would drop the plan thinking that there is someone present in the property. You can even operate your SmartTV or music systems.

Keep your Property Well Maintained
One simpler thing you can do is to hire a person who would clean and maintain your property in your absence. This is another trick which you can use to fool burglars and thieves. But before appointing this person it’s better to have the police verification of that individual done. This method will help you by keeping your house clean and providing you security at the same time.


Are you Looking for the Correct Alarm Control Panel?

A security alarm system should be carefully chosen, as it should be user-friendly and reliable for use. The guarantee of having the usable alarm for your own home, office or for a commercial cause just increases the security for every of the faults you may encounter. It will never show any disappointment at the hour of need. A few of the famous brands of alarm control panels are DSC, Ness D series, Paradox and Crow Runner and Power Wave series which are one of the most reliable and safe for use in securing the valuables.  

The alarm control panel is mainly controlled by an LCD screen, rubber keypad button, tablet, touchscreen or any such device monitored by a mobile application. Ever control panel functions differently according to the features inserted into the alarm system, so it may not be suitable for everyone’s needs. We need to keep various factors in mind while buying and installing an alarm system either in your house, office, school or an industrial building. 

Zone and the capacity of Sensor: 

Mostly the size and the areas of the place matter and it should be capable of supporting the place in order for the alarm to be fitted in. Larger the space and area of the room or building, stronger the sensor should be used in the alarm security system. Some system stays separate and arises multiple alarms in areas independently armed or disarmed. 

Code pad:

Various code pads are included for the control switches. An LED if preferable if high accuracy and resolution are needed in the screen and LCD is relatively cheaper than LEDs and is widely available in the market. Though both the LED and LCD have the same usage and functionality to use LCDs have lesser resolution than LEDs. 

Even the touchpads can be used or the keypads whichever is more preferred by the owner of the alarm. Both the keypads have their own usage of advantage and disadvantages. Both are easier in their own way and prone to errors depending on its user. LED is considered the smartest due to its sharp features while both can be chosen as that has no compromise for any kind of security. 

So the following have to be taken into account when looking for an alarm control panel that is correct for you:

  • Remote control devices are highly compatible with the alarm system as it allows you to control it from everywhere and remain safe during any threat. You can remain silent and press any button to alert the outsiders for your help if you sense any danger in the building or room. Accessing controls too need an orientation or gesture suitable to control it from anywhere you want. The durability should always keep in check in case of wear and tear if needed to use in an emergency. 
  • Notification alerts through the mobile app or we can say a self- monitoring system is in use with the alarm system. This offline alert is induced to make you update regarding the happening in and around your area near the alarm system. This one is helpful to detect any danger or threats present nearby when you absent or away somewhere. 
  • Usability should be simple as possible and most matters are its durability and sharp features for detecting threats. It’s better to use popular brands as it gives a longer life span to the product than the cheaper ones.

How to Choose the Best Security System that Matches Your Home Needs?

Securing your spaces is an important aspect and it should always be kept in mind, be it your home or your official space security is a crucial element and should be seen as a priority. The very feeling of security provides you peace and comfort. But with an enormously increasing crime rate, it has become difficult to assure security of anything or any premises, with the passage of time criminals have also become advanced.

So, in this scenario, all you need to do for your security is to have a security system installed in your home or your office. Apart from that, the things which are the precious most and need security are your beloved Family, home, and other possessions.

If you are not sure about the type and level of security need, you can always consult a specialist and there are certain things which need to be kept in mind while choosing a home security system.

Things which you want to protect

This differ from person to person, some people have electronic devices in their home while some have jewelry one thing which is common is that people have something or other which they want to protect and this could be anything. The level of security definitely depends on the things you want to secure.

So, once you are done with this list of things you want to have security for half of your work is done. The rest is up to the professionals who would install the security system at your home.

Level of security

This is the second thing you need to decide after you are done with the list of things you want to secure. Once you get an idea of the things important to you it would be easier to choose the level of security. If your commodities are costly, most probably you would need a high-end alarm system with cameras and sensors along with few other things on the other hand if your commodities are not that much expensive than a simple security system with few cameras would work.

For instance, if you have expensive things you can go for a security system with a monitor so that there is always someone to keep an eye on.

Security cameras or just sensors?

Installing cameras would provide you the video of whatever happened and who did it while on the other hand a system with sensors and alarms only can provide you on-time security. For a system with sensors and alarms to be effective there is always the need of an individual that can take the required action at the time of mishappening, otherwise doing anything after the incident becomes almost impossible.

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