How to Choose the Best Security System that Matches Your Home Needs?

Securing your spaces is an important aspect and it should always be kept in mind, be it your home or your official space security is a crucial element and should be seen as a priority. The very feeling of security provides you peace and comfort. But with an enormously increasing crime rate, it has become difficult to assure security of anything or any premises, with the passage of time criminals have also become advanced.

So, in this scenario, all you need to do for your security is to have a security system installed in your home or your office. Apart from that, the things which are the precious most and need security are your beloved Family, home, and other possessions.

If you are not sure about the type and level of security need, you can always consult a specialist and there are certain things which need to be kept in mind while choosing a home security system.

Things which you want to protect

This differ from person to person, some people have electronic devices in their home while some have jewelry one thing which is common is that people have something or other which they want to protect and this could be anything. The level of security definitely depends on the things you want to secure.

So, once you are done with this list of things you want to have security for half of your work is done. The rest is up to the professionals who would install the security system at your home.

Level of security

This is the second thing you need to decide after you are done with the list of things you want to secure. Once you get an idea of the things important to you it would be easier to choose the level of security. If your commodities are costly, most probably you would need a high-end alarm system with cameras and sensors along with few other things on the other hand if your commodities are not that much expensive than a simple security system with few cameras would work.

For instance, if you have expensive things you can go for a security system with a monitor so that there is always someone to keep an eye on.

Security cameras or just sensors?

Installing cameras would provide you the video of whatever happened and who did it while on the other hand a system with sensors and alarms only can provide you on-time security. For a system with sensors and alarms to be effective there is always the need of an individual that can take the required action at the time of mishappening, otherwise doing anything after the incident becomes almost impossible.


5 Biggest Misconceptions About the Security Alarm Systems

There are trillions of businesses going on around the world and according to their size, reach and some other factors they are grouped into small scale, the large scale of medium scale. Security plays a major role in every kind of business and due to lack of security thousands of businesses get broken every day which results in a tremendous amount of loss.

But in this era of technology, there is no need to worry if you take proper measures and this can also reduce the risk of you facing a major loss. This requires choosing a security system which suits your needs and is designed according to these specific needs.

This list reveals the five biggest myths or misconceptions people have while they choose or think of opting a security alarm system.

  1. Technologies used by all companies are the same
    The core of the technologies used by security system have been the same for ages and for the ultimate purpose of cost-cutting many of the companies buy their parts from the same manufacturer which means basically the same technology and service due to which it becomes easy for the criminals to get hold of the whole system without many efforts.
  2. You detect the alarm only when the criminal breaks in
    In case of almost every alarm system, the owner gets to know about any intruder after the intruder break-in inside the premises which is not a safe option at all. It would have been much better if the system informs when the intruder tries to break in so that the local police can be informed in time.
  3. Audio doesn’t play an important role in an alarm system
    Many security systems nowadays have a glass break alarm system which triggers an alarm every time no matter if it’s a small crack or a major break-in and that is what makes it unreliable. Still, there are ways which can solve this problem of unreliability.
  4. A false alarm occurs with all alarm systems
    False alarms get triggered due to a number of reasons like accidental triggers by employees and this scenario of false alarm has become the norm. This became a reason why the police don’t respond to the alarm system immediately. This needs to be improved for the overall better security of firms and business owners.
  5. Police will react in a flash to the conventional alarm system
    Conventional alarm system, unlike Sonitrol, doesn’t have video verification. They have 98% of false alarm rate, which means police moves at a much slower pace of need when there is no affirmation.

    Police, for security organizations that offer check, are dispatched at a lot higher need. This implies the probability of worry is almost certain, the measure of police time that is required is fundamentally chopped down, and the police will be unquestionably bound to dispatch officials to future calls.


Does an Alarm System Increase the Value of your Home?

If you are thinking about selling your home, you must be thinking about all the possible ways to get the best value of your property. As a security company, we are frequently asked about the increased price of the property with connection with the pre-installed alarm system. To further explore the possibilities read our following article.

  1. An Alarm System Increase the Actual Value of Your Home

With the popularity of security cameras touching sky many people want their buying homes to be pre-installed with modern security aid. If a swimming pool, a deck or a modern kitchen can uplift the demand of your home why can’t an alarm system! This will not only increase the demand; this can also increase the value of your home.

If you have installed the equipment, the only thing the buyer of the home will have to do is to contact a security company. You save their time, money, and most importantly effort. So why will not someone pay some extra bucks for all the extra security and convenience for a few extra bucks?

  1. An Alarm System Increases the Perceived Value of Your Home

An alarm system has a monetary value as well as an emotional advantage. It increases the market value in a straightway. It also has a perceived value due to its functionality. When the buyer will analyze the safety, security and peace mind of mind with the mere extra pay he will for sure choose the peace and safety.

The peaceful life will justify the increased value of money. This will not only increase the demand of your home but also raise the question that whether they should buy other homes which don’t have security cameras installed or not.

  1. Homeowners Insurance Justify an Added Investment

The biggest advantage that we yield from security cameras is the reduction in homeowner’s insurance premium. As the security systems prevent burglars, thieves and other miscreants (Fires and flooding also when paired with other security technologies) it is obvious that there will be a reduction in the insurance premium.

The security cameras reduce all the threats that can happen to your home. Here worth noting that the discount depends purely on your insurance company and its policies. Sometimes it can touch 20% discount. This discount motivates and encourages the buyer to do a one-time investment with extra security to yield its fruits rest of the life.

  1. Alarm System adds value to your life-

The alarm system can do more than making you safe and secure. With the modern era automation, these things can control your lights, fan, thermostat, etc and can add to the convenience and luxury of your life. Here at the Supreme alarm, we build a unique solution to your demand. You can contact us at any time to install the new age security solutions at your home.


How Security System Behaves when the Power Goes Out?

With several storms in summer, we tend to receive various calls from our users with security system regarding battery problems. Below, we have got answered some most asked questions for the same:

1. ls your Alarm System Functional?

Indeed! All of these systems have a back-up power source. That back-up power will have in any event 4 hours of backup control for it. Most of the time, the back-up power will the most recent 24 hours. In view of late reports from power outages, a few of these systems have had back-up power keep going up to 2 days.

The back-up battery ought to be changed every 3-5 years. This is because of the way that the alarm system is continually charging the battery.

2. What happens if you don’t change a battery after 5 years?

In the situation of power going out, the system will use back-up power and will also last about an hour and not for 24 hours. Moreover, the battery will start to recharge while the power comes back.

3. How can you change the Battery?

At first, find the battery located with the major processor. The terminals only slide off the post. For remembering when your battery was replaced, we suggest noting down the month and year with a permanent marker on the battery.

  • In the case, if you have got a Lynx or Simon system, the battery stays in the major keypad. You will have to power down the system and then you will have to repower with battery first and with AC power afterward.
  • In the case, if you have an Caddx, DSC etc, the battery is placed in the enclosure and definitely not in the keypad. This is basically kept in a remote room, for example, mechanical room or a utility closet. Replace the battery black to black and red to red.

The low battery alert has to clear in about 4-12 hours. If not, try arming and then go ahead for disarming the system or for reviewing the status. In the case, if it doesn’t clear after 12 hours, contact us and converse with our service representative.

4. Where can you get a battery?

There are various stores where you can get it in metropolitan areas. Make sure to check the local service provider where you can order a battery. Check the battery for the voltage (V) along with the amp hour rating (AH) and then go ahead and take this to the representative who is searching for your battery. There are also stores that can ship the battery directly to your doorstep.

So try to be proactive and replace the battery in a time period of at least 5 years or even sooner if possible.


Alarm System Installation for Your Modern Home

Keeping your property or home security has always been crucial along with the safety of your family, but it has always been difficult in order to do so. Since more and more homeowners are opting for having the installation of security alarms done for peace of mind, the technology that is available has also got improved considerably.

The alarm installation Sydney is opting to keep their property or homes safer having a lot of modern features in order to deter trespassers. It’s suggested to not try installing alarms systems by you. You may want to go for a professional alarm installation firm or company instead.

Before any installments are made, they are likely to conduct a complete inspection in order to find the “weak spots” of the home and figure out the easiest option for an unwanted person to enter. After that, you are given the best alarm system installation for the home so you can confidently stay in your secure home with the family. Some of the modern features include:

Instantly Alerts a Security Service

Today, an alarm system creates a loud noise as it set off, while it also alerts the security service, for example, the police to the invading. This happens via phone line or with a high-speed internet connection. Instantly reaching out to a police service provides you and your home with much comfort, but specifically, those who house children or elder people.

Wireless Security Systems

Security systems that are older need a lot of wiring while they are set-up, which is the main complaint in the case of most buyers. Many security systems of today’s world are wireless, which eliminate this problem completely. This also decreases the requirement for drilling holes and having unsightly wires that run around your home.

Facial Recognition

When it comes to the modern home security installation, one of the highly technical aspects is facial recognition. The software stops the unknown persons to enter your property. It utilizes general recognition software in order to recognize various suspicious behaviors that are pre-programmed and to also measure the direction invader goes to, etc.

Infrared Cameras

When we talk of Sydney’s modern home alarm system installation, the Infrared cameras are providing people with a lot of benefits. As crimes happen mostly at night, you have to have a security system that can help you in monitoring the low light or darkness such as Infrared cameras. They can monitor in low light and darkness where the human eye isn’t able to, which also means a guaranteed 24/7 security.

Pet-friendly Alarms

Homes with pets now no longer have to be worrying about their pets like cats or dogs setting off the security alarm system and calling the police accidentally to the home. These alarm systems have the capability of avoiding this old problem, in ensuring you don’t waste police time.

For the complete home or commercial safety and security, please ensure to stay in touch with the Alarm Doctor. We provide our clients with modern and innovative security alarm systems along with a free quote accompanied by the quick installation.


How to Find a Home Alarm Installation Company in Sydney?

The home alarm system is a very essential tool for fighting against intrusion and crime. But, criminals target houses and other properties very frequently nowadays. These invaders spend time looking for residential locations in order to find for opportunities so they can strike and won’t get spotted or caught for the crimes they are committing.

And hence, in order to deal with these criminals and invaders, it’s really crucial for the homeowners to look for a Sydney Home Alarm Installation company so they are able to protect their homes along with their families. Moreover, there are various other things that you should be keeping into your consideration especially when looking at Sydney home alarm installation firms. One of these things is to ensure the level of expertise that the firm has.

It is suggested to opt for companies which have been there for a longer time period and those who have also established records of brilliance and success. These firms are more likely to have acquired the skills or tools that are perhaps necessary to keep your home safe.

You might also feel like looking for a company that has gotten an independent recognition to provide good service. Other than that, it’s also a better idea of reading feedbacks about the same company by the previous clients if they have spoken any good things or not.

You may search for the various Sydney home alarm installation reviews either online or you can simply consider asking your friends or relatives that have got their alarms installed.

You may also like to speak with a professional who deals with the loss prevention from any company. So, make a questionnaire and ask your queries to a few different companies.

Make sure to run a comparison between their answers and check if the representatives sound skilled or not. Are they aware of what they are speaking about? Are they able to answer your queries?

How does the Sydney Home Alarm Installation Work?

Sydney home alarm installation could be found really difficult quite often especially because of the diverse neighborhoods in a particular city with their different crime issues. Moreover, there is a huge assortment of various residential properties including the townhouses, bungalows, condos, and multi-level detached homes.

And hence, what has worked well in one neighborhood or one sort of the property might not feel that much convenient in another neighborhood at some other property. And hence, it’s crucial to make a call and choose a Sydney home alarm installation advisor who already knows about the city and also knows what works in the city to keep it safe.

In the end, choose an alarm system company and protect yourself as well as your family from these criminal home invasions, break-ins, and other crimes. Well, this is the most essential things to be taken care of in your life. So, when searching for the best Sydney home alarm installation companies, make sure you have these things in mind.


How Does Lightning Impact an Alarm System?

Lightning is a result of immense thunderstorms of several thousand miles in height and hundreds of miles in width. Lightning storms can cause severe damage to properties and people. However, it is hard to determine lightning strikes’ damages to properties.  Even firefighters have difficulty in finding the external damages caused by lightning strikes.

Lightning strikes are frequent concerns for security alarm technicians, as the unexpectedness and swiftness of the lightning strikes. The damages a lightning strike can cause vary based on its severity. Sometimes, the damage can be at the minimal level like a damage lone device which is connected to a low-voltage cord.

On the other hand, lightning strikes can damage an entire burglar or fire alarm system.

At times, the damage is little, while it may be disastrous at times; it burns down the alarm system throughout. Alarm technicians can only minimize the damages, by implementing proper alarm installation procedures and becoming aware of how lightning strikes work.

How Lightning Finds Its Way Into the Alarm Systems?

Devices that are connected to metal wires can be damaged by lightning strikes, no matter if it a direct or an indirect hit. There can be times when lightning results in permanent damage, regardless of what preventive measures are taken.

When it comes to direct lightning hit to a device, it can get through different paths from the exterior. For instance, a college or school campus with several buildings can be a good example. On the other hand, lightning strikes can damage the structure of electric buses by entering through wires of paid subscription services or power lines.

Satellite dish systems, television network cables, and traditional telephones can be perfect examples for this scenario. When it comes to a fire or burglar alarm system, lightning can strike through devices by any of the methods state above.

And when it does, it may move around SLCs (Signaling Line Circuits), NACs (Notification Appliance Circuits), IDCs (Initiating Device Circuits) or any other low-voltage wires. Coaxial cables ad unshielded wires are other great examples for the above-cited method of lightning strike damages.

How you can save your Alarm Systems from Lightning?

Let us take a closer look at the impacts of lightning on an alarm system. Lightning damages alarm systems not only by direct hits, but also indirect hits. If there is an electrical conductor around a building that is struck by lightning, it becomes vulnerable to damages.

The National Weather Service states lightning can enter into a building by three methods. They are direct hit through pipes or wires from outside the building and by the ground.

Since conventional alarm systems are vulnerable to lightning; alarm technicians suggest wireless alarm systems to people. This is because wireless security systems, obviously have no wires, they can withstand lightning strikes.

We install / replace damaged alarm system. Also produce a damage report to your insurance claim in 2 hours only! Contact us for more details.