How to not be a victim of Burglary again? – Burglar Alarm Systems

People usually are found saying that they cannot afford to install any security at their residences. Somehow they manage to come up with the excuse that they don’t need any security system for now. But from the recent survey, we can notice that the crime rates are increasing in numbers day by day. And hence, it has become even more crucial that they understand the need for burglar alarm systems. 

Well, they like it or not, this is the only way to stay safe and not be a victim anymore of burglary. Here we have a few crucial reasons that can’t be ignored in today’s world:

Reasons for choosing Burglar Alarm System

  • Generally, robbers are amateurs, still, there are some sophisticated smart burglars are occurring in recent times. A burglar security system can even outsmart those criminals too. A wireless system won’t be disconnected by just cutting the phone line.
  • Burglar alarm systems are one of the most cost-effective security systems. You don’t have to spend too much amount to install it. In fact, these wireless burglar security systems are less expensive than other security systems. It provides more safety and protection.
  • Some alarms have shutters and motion detection sensors. It will alert the homeowner by making dog bark noises or screeching bells noise. These types of alarms will scare off the robbers.
  • Another great reason to install the Burglar alarm system is their affordability. One can easily get access to these systems through various online websites. 
  • The burglar alarm system has a wired out option. It not only warns the owner by making shrieking noises but also will put a call to a security company through the wired-in device.
  • This security can effectively alert the authority about the robbery. As a result, police can arrive at your doorstep.
  • These wireless and wired burglar alarm systems have an extra measure of protection than any other security.

Make sure your family is safe

No one can predict if your house is safe from the robbers. Moreover, the increased numbers of robbery and violent incidents raise the question of safety. Further, poor to middle class all homes can be a possible target of the robbers. The burglar alarm system can protect you and your family from serious crimes for a small investment. 


If a house owner decides not to think about their house security, they can lose valuable assets forever. People who are never been into any unsafe situation such as burglary and robbing often neglect the possibilities of being robbed in the future. Apart from that, when it comes to family protection there is no such thing as over protection. And hence, maybe it is time to install a new security system to get rid of the fear of any danger.


When your Burglar alarm was last serviced ?

With the increasing competition, the market for security devices and services has also increased to a considerable extent. You can get the type of security you need by following a few simple steps. When it comes to security there are many devices available that are used for this purpose. You get CCTV cameras, motion detectors, smoke alarms, burglar alarms and all other sorts of devices according to your needs.

These devices take care of your security round the clock. You might not know but you also need to take proper care of these devices from time to time to get an assurance of your safety. This article talks about the servicing of burglar alarm systems, what you need to know and how to do it. Let’s take a look at it

Why do burglar alarms need servicing?

The first question, which might pop into your head, is the reason why the servicing of the burglar alarm system is important. The simple reason behind it is to prevent any future failure that might take place due to a present bug.

There could be anything from dust on the circuit board to the complete failure of the circuit. Another most common fault that happens is the failure of batteries and this happens when batteries have not been replaced for more than 2 years. You should always keep a check on the battery health of your security devices.

One thing you should keep in mind that instead of doing all of it by yourself, you should take the help of a professional. It might cost you a little more than what you expected but it will save you from any mishappening in the future.

How frequently do your security devices need servicing?

This is a very common and obvious question and the answer to it depends on the type of system you have for example if you have an alarm only system then you at least service your alarm once a year. In case you are using an alarm that is being monitored by someone else then it needs to be serviced at least twice a year.

You should not completely rely on the servicing and should also look for your system yourself. You should constantly keep checking for circuit breaks, blown fuses or faulty switches. If you find any problem before the servicing period, you should call a professional for help without any second thought.

What is included in the servicing package?

If you are out of warranty, there are chances that you are paying a good amount on the servicing of your alarm and that are why you should know that is done to your device when it is being serviced.

First of all, your device is checked thoroughly for any issues or faults. In this process, your devices are checked for all potential spots of the problem. For example, the circuit is checked, the batteries are tested and the overall working capacity of service all this and much more is tested and serviced in the servicing package.


Are you really safe with Burglar Alarm System?

Burglar alarms are the first line of defense for people under attack from unwanted guests. Burglars often break into houses which lack security systems. But with changing world and technological advancements, thieves and burglars are equipped with modern tools and gadgets to find the breach in the security systems. This raises a question that “Are we even safe with Burglar Alarms installed in our homes? “  Let’s try to find the answer with the help of some facts and figures.

Ignorance causes Vulnerability  

Most of the times alarms get ignored by people at crucial times as false alarms are very common in the alarm systems. Ignorance always creates a window for Vulnerability in the security system and people become a victim of their own faults. Sometimes we get dependent upon the alarm system so much that we ignore that fact that it can also go off or malfunctioned if not serviced or maintained well. To ensure the security of the loved ones, one must not ignore small indications of misconduct or breach in the security system.

Burglar alarms create an anti-theft atmosphere  

Burglars target the houses with no anti-theft systems or absence of burglar alarm. Burglar alarms create a psychological barrier inside the burglars that keep them away from the houses installed with the burglar alarms. A survey, says, 83% of the burglars check for the alarm system before entering a house or a protected area. Most of them admitted that it creates a mental barrier over the burglars who make it difficult for them to do perform any theft or burglary.

Hi-Tech Alarms for professional Burglars

There are many anti-social elements which take help of technology to make a breach in the security system of a house or an important place. To tackle these types of unwanted guests, high-tech alarm system play a big role. Laser guided sensors and three-phase security walls ensure that even most advanced tools or techniques cannot make any breach in the security systems. CCTV cameras with night vision capability provided by infra-red technology make its way to capture high definition video footage of the event.

Which Burglar Alarm to go with?

In the heap of too many options available for the choice of the right Burglar alarm system, you have to take care of the following factors which will help you in identifying the correct type of burglary alarm for you.

  •    How big your house is?
  •    What is your budget for an Alarm system?
  •    How sophisticated you want it to be?
  •    What is your potential threat?
  •    How much you can spend on the maintenance?

A person’s safety depends upon his own awareness, Burglar alarms can only be an asset to your security but at the end of the day, only your own precautions can be your best resource.