Are you really safe with Burglar Alarm System?

Burglar alarms are the first line of defense for people under attack from unwanted guests. Burglars often break into houses which lack security systems. But with changing world and technological advancements, thieves and burglars are equipped with modern tools and gadgets to find the breach in the security systems. This raises a question that “Are we even safe with Burglar Alarms installed in our homes? “  Let’s try to find the answer with the help of some facts and figures.

Ignorance causes Vulnerability  

Most of the times alarms get ignored by people at crucial times as false alarms are very common in the alarm systems. Ignorance always creates a window for Vulnerability in the security system and people become a victim of their own faults. Sometimes we get dependent upon the alarm system so much that we ignore that fact that it can also go off or malfunctioned if not serviced or maintained well. To ensure the security of the loved ones, one must not ignore small indications of misconduct or breach in the security system.

Burglar alarms create an anti-theft atmosphere  

Burglars target the houses with no anti-theft systems or absence of burglar alarm. Burglar alarms create a psychological barrier inside the burglars that keep them away from the houses installed with the burglar alarms. A survey, says, 83% of the burglars check for the alarm system before entering a house or a protected area. Most of them admitted that it creates a mental barrier over the burglars who make it difficult for them to do perform any theft or burglary.

Hi-Tech Alarms for professional Burglars

There are many anti-social elements which take help of technology to make a breach in the security system of a house or an important place. To tackle these types of unwanted guests, high-tech alarm system play a big role. Laser guided sensors and three-phase security walls ensure that even most advanced tools or techniques cannot make any breach in the security systems. CCTV cameras with night vision capability provided by infra-red technology make its way to capture high definition video footage of the event.

Which Burglar Alarm to go with?

In the heap of too many options available for the choice of the right Burglar alarm system, you have to take care of the following factors which will help you in identifying the correct type of burglary alarm for you.

  •    How big your house is?
  •    What is your budget for an Alarm system?
  •    How sophisticated you want it to be?
  •    What is your potential threat?
  •    How much you can spend on the maintenance?

A person’s safety depends upon his own awareness, Burglar alarms can only be an asset to your security but at the end of the day, only your own precautions can be your best resource.