Why Security Alarm System Gives False Alarms? How can you Stop it?

You will often come across security systems giving false alarms that can create a lot of nuisance within your building. The common reasons for these false alarms are sometimes challenging to identify. Although there are many reasons why these false alarms are heard from the security systems, you can check the common causes, as mentioned below. 

From these common causes, you can determine a few techniques on how you can prevent these false alarms or stop them completely.

Environmental Hazards

Most of the time, the common cause of false alarms from your security systems, are caused because of the ecological imbalances or reasons. When you hear these false alarms in the first place, make sure that you keep a tab on the open windows, doors, fans, and other things that are present in your house.

If there are no motion detectors installed, then you need not have to check the air conditioners present in your house.


Another vital cause that creates such a nuisance is vermon. When you hear such false alarms, check for the signs of ants, cockroaches, or any other pests that might be present in your house. You can also get in touch with the pest control service providers who can determine any pests that are present in your home.

Installation issues

If your system is installed for a while and you keep hearing false alarms now and then, then it might be a problem with the installation. If it’s under warranty and a few services are left, you can get in touch with the service provider and raise a complaint on this. You can also shift your detector to some other place in your house when you are reinstalling it.

When do you need an alarm system?

Most of the time, people tend to install an alarm system in their house when they feel that something is going wrong in their homes. To prevent any issues inside the house and ensure that it’s safe and secure, people install these alarm systems in the house.

The alarm system helps you in communicating properly by monitoring your house 24/7. It’s also essential for you to keep certain things in mind when you are installing an alarm system. You will have to ensure that the service and maintenance of the alarm system are well-taken care off.

Siren tampers are also one of the major causes of false alarms from your security system. You will have to keep a check of it when you are servicing the alarm systems regularly.


Alarm Systems are a boon to all those people who are always away from their houses. If your home is prone to any calamities, the alarm systems warn you quite earlier when any such events are likely to take place. However, don’t get confused with the false alarms that are given by your security systems and ensure to check why the warning is being given before taking any further step.


5 Biggest Misconceptions About the Security Alarm Systems

There are trillions of businesses going on around the world and according to their size, reach and some other factors they are grouped into small scale, the large scale of medium scale. Security plays a major role in every kind of business and due to lack of security thousands of businesses get broken every day which results in a tremendous amount of loss.

But in this era of technology, there is no need to worry if you take proper measures and this can also reduce the risk of you facing a major loss. This requires choosing a security system which suits your needs and is designed according to these specific needs.

This list reveals the five biggest myths or misconceptions people have while they choose or think of opting a security alarm system.

  1. Technologies used by all companies are the same
    The core of the technologies used by security system have been the same for ages and for the ultimate purpose of cost-cutting many of the companies buy their parts from the same manufacturer which means basically the same technology and service due to which it becomes easy for the criminals to get hold of the whole system without many efforts.
  2. You detect the alarm only when the criminal breaks in
    In case of almost every alarm system, the owner gets to know about any intruder after the intruder break-in inside the premises which is not a safe option at all. It would have been much better if the system informs when the intruder tries to break in so that the local police can be informed in time.
  3. Audio doesn’t play an important role in an alarm system
    Many security systems nowadays have a glass break alarm system which triggers an alarm every time no matter if it’s a small crack or a major break-in and that is what makes it unreliable. Still, there are ways which can solve this problem of unreliability.
  4. A false alarm occurs with all alarm systems
    False alarms get triggered due to a number of reasons like accidental triggers by employees and this scenario of false alarm has become the norm. This became a reason why the police don’t respond to the alarm system immediately. This needs to be improved for the overall better security of firms and business owners.
  5. Police will react in a flash to the conventional alarm system
    Conventional alarm system, unlike Sonitrol, doesn’t have video verification. They have 98% of false alarm rate, which means police moves at a much slower pace of need when there is no affirmation.

    Police, for security organizations that offer check, are dispatched at a lot higher need. This implies the probability of worry is almost certain, the measure of police time that is required is fundamentally chopped down, and the police will be unquestionably bound to dispatch officials to future calls.


How to Keep Your Home And Business Safe & Secure Ahead of the Christmas Holidays?

Everyone loves the Christmas holidays for their atmosphere of magic, happiness, and unity with kith & kin. Many people would have a plan to visit their native place or go on a long trip for some days. Before getting into holiday fever, you will more conscious about organizing the well deserved holiday, sorting the special Christmas feast, buying presents.

Also, you must have keen eyes on your home and business security needs. Here are some of the protective tricks and piece of advice that helps you to have a merry and safe Christmas holiday.


Preventive tips to ensure safety at Home:

According to Crime Department, December is the peak month for house robberies. Many families leave their house for the holiday by forgetting about the safety precautions of the home.

  • Protect from house intruders
    The first thing you have to remember is to lock the front door, even if you live in a safe neighborhood. Keep your home to appear occupied all the time, so you can turn on the light when you go out. Don’t keep the valuable things near the window. Have a neighbor or watchman to watch your house for any intruders.
  • Position your Christmas tree safely
    A Christmas tree is an ideal thing during Christmas at home. The position of the tree is important as it may bring any issues. So keep the tree away from open fires or other sources of heat. You can use the tree cradles or stands to mount the tree safely at a place.
  • Electrical safety
    Plug off all electronic equipment from the connection and don’t overload electrical circuits. Always keep the Christmas lights out of the home while you leave. Try to replace any strings of lights with worn or broken cords or loose bulb connections.
  • Prevent home from a fire accident
    You have made decorations for the Christmas festival. While going out make sure that decorations like stockings and tree branches are placed at a safe distance from the blazing fire. This is because keeping a Christmas tree near the fireplace is highly combustible.

It is better to install a smoke alarm in your house, so it can intimate the fire on home to others.


Safety Measures for your Business:

  • When it comes for business, there are a number of factors to consider in terms of security. A robust security system such as burglary, CCTV camera, intrusion detector helps you with peace of mind.
  • Before going on a trip by leaving your business, make sure that cameras are working well. Place the camera in a plain view and keep watching the footage for every small interval of time.
  • Close off all the doors of the office and ensure high security to the place. If you have any doubt regarding surveillance, you can inform to the security or police for safety.
  • Place the money bags or expensive items out of sight and protect them from criminals. It is better to deposit the money in a bank if it is in a large amount and keep the valuable things in the locker.


Thus, these are some of the ways to keep your home and business safe during the Christmas holidays.