Why Security Alarm System Gives False Alarms? How can you Stop it?

You will often come across security systems giving false alarms that can create a lot of nuisance within your building. The common reasons for these false alarms are sometimes challenging to identify. Although there are many reasons why these false alarms are heard from the security systems, you can check the common causes, as mentioned below. 

From these common causes, you can determine a few techniques on how you can prevent these false alarms or stop them completely.

Environmental Hazards

Most of the time, the common cause of false alarms from your security systems, are caused because of the ecological imbalances or reasons. When you hear these false alarms in the first place, make sure that you keep a tab on the open windows, doors, fans, and other things that are present in your house.

If there are no motion detectors installed, then you need not have to check the air conditioners present in your house.


Another vital cause that creates such a nuisance is vermon. When you hear such false alarms, check for the signs of ants, cockroaches, or any other pests that might be present in your house. You can also get in touch with the pest control service providers who can determine any pests that are present in your home.

Installation issues

If your system is installed for a while and you keep hearing false alarms now and then, then it might be a problem with the installation. If it’s under warranty and a few services are left, you can get in touch with the service provider and raise a complaint on this. You can also shift your detector to some other place in your house when you are reinstalling it.

When do you need an alarm system?

Most of the time, people tend to install an alarm system in their house when they feel that something is going wrong in their homes. To prevent any issues inside the house and ensure that it’s safe and secure, people install these alarm systems in the house.

The alarm system helps you in communicating properly by monitoring your house 24/7. It’s also essential for you to keep certain things in mind when you are installing an alarm system. You will have to ensure that the service and maintenance of the alarm system are well-taken care off.

Siren tampers are also one of the major causes of false alarms from your security system. You will have to keep a check of it when you are servicing the alarm systems regularly.


Alarm Systems are a boon to all those people who are always away from their houses. If your home is prone to any calamities, the alarm systems warn you quite earlier when any such events are likely to take place. However, don’t get confused with the false alarms that are given by your security systems and ensure to check why the warning is being given before taking any further step.


How a False alarm can Prove Dangerous?

In current world situation crime, theft and burglary have been the biggest threat to security. It is not possible for human being to keep watch on everything all times. There are security solutions available in the market which can work as eyes and ears of human to avoid any unwanted situation.

For example, CCTV cameras or various alarming system can be a few of them. Alarms are defined as devices which can be configured to make a sound on certain conditions. Alarms can be used to be cautioned in a different kind of situation while being at home or away like when you are in office.

These alarms can be triggered when someplace caught fire, someone is smoking in the non-smoking zone, and your car is opened by someone else without you noticing it. These are a few of the examples where an alarming system can be extremely useful to be safe and to protect your belongings.

But we need to think about other aspects of it. An untimely or unintentional alarm can put you in a dangerous or unwanted situation. Technology has made our life easy and safe but ultimately they are machines and not 100% fault proof. Moreover, in most of situations, it has been found that false alarms are because of lacking maintenance.

As stated earlier the lack of care and maintenance is the main cause of false alarm, there may be few more reasons to it like alarms are in reach of mischievous elements who can misuse it, bad or wrong code/conditions are configured, mock drills where the false alarms can be used to teach people to cope with unwanted situations.

Though it has many advantages, for sure false alarm comes with a few disadvantages also. They may be pointed as below:

  • Beeping false alarm multiple time and without reason will create an ambiguity in the minds of surrounding people and they will take it as normal. This will create a problem when a serious alarming situation arises and people don’t come out to help thinking it as a false alarm.
  • Untimely alarms without any reason can irritate people around. Moreover, old aged people, infants or diseased people face more problems with alarms.
  • The false alarm if reaches security agencies multiple time, it may backfire as police will also not take it seriously in case of a real needy situation. Moreover, this can also cost or damage you only if the agency puts a case against you for setting up a false alarm.

These problems of a false alarm can be fixed to avoid problematic situations in the below ways:

  1. Maintenance prevents false alarms: False alarms can be prevented by maintaining and servicing the system timely.
  2. Try alarm adjustments: With right configuration and adjustment, false alarms can be prevented.
  3. Know your system well: Knowing about your need and requirements will help to set up security alarms for the right situations and the right time.