What is the Difference Between Wireless and Wired Access Control Systems?

When it comes to home, first of all, we think about its security. From using door locks to biometric scanners, access control systems focus on restricting unwanted visitors inside your house. Broadly these access control systems are divided into two categories: wired system and wireless system. Before going deep into the advantages and disadvantages you should know about the access control system.

Access control is the process of controlling the entrance of people inside your home or business. And an access control system is a technology that stops unwanted access. In this way, you can keep undesirable people out of your reach.

Wireless Access Control Systems

Wireless access control systems use battery and radio signals to communicate. These are of two types: offline and online. Online systems offer cloud-based access management and allow operation from any part of the world. The online systems can be operated from the computer and even smartphones in some systems.


Wireless access control systems are easier to install than wired systems. There is no need to break down walls or have tangled wires running on the floors. You just need to put batteries and connect to the system.


Since wireless systems work on a network (online) or have to be in the range of central offline control system, it could minimize their effectiveness in larger areas. The walls may limit the range of wireless systems.

Moreover, wireless systems depend largely on batteries and network. This could be a drawback if batteries die or network crashes. Though installing a wireless system is cheaper but its maintenance cost is high as replacing batteries can get expensive.


These systems are best suited for small and medium-sized businesses where there would be no range or connectivity issues. They can be used in larger premises only if there is a presence of a strong Wi-Fi network.

Wired Access Control Systems

These systems are directly connected to the central access hub. It does not make use of batteries or any network. Wired systems are preferred for their use of hardware. They use better secure electric strikes and electromagnetic locks than wireless systems.

Surprisingly, some of the modern wired systems can still be connected to the Internet and operated remotely through a mobile app.


These systems are more reliable as they are connected to the power supply and batteries are not required. Additionally, these systems are not restricted to a particular range as the wires connect each terminal and provide uninterrupted communication. Wired systems can even be connected between different buildings.


Installing a wired system with wires can be expensive. To save your money, try installing a wired system during the construction of the building or renovations. Else, breaking down walls and installing the system could bring a hole in your pocket.


Wired systems can be used by organizations that need the highest level of security. Such systems use better hardware and provide reliable communication.

It is now your responsibility to choose a perfect access control system for your property.