What is Causing Smoke Alarm to Sound or Beeping?

Smoke alarms can be considered one of the best gadgets invented when it comes to the security system. They are as useful as the other gadgets in your security system like a security camera, alarms, etc. Smoke Alarm systems basically detect smoke or combustible materials and go into the siren mode, to stop this siren the air needs to be cleared first.

Sometimes smoke alarms detect minor smoke which isn’t dangerous but that’s fine as it gives you an idea that your alarm system is sensitive and is working fine.

Apart from this case sometimes the alarm system starts to make sound, beeping or even chirp without any smoke that is basically fake alarm. So, let’s take a look at what should you do in case your smoke alarm in giving you false alarm sound.

First, let’s go through the reasons why your smoke alarm is giving you false beeps.

  • The battery may be loose or installed improperly: This could be an obvious reason because a loose battery would affect the connectivity of the whole system causing a false alarm.
  • Dirt in the smoke detection chamber: This problem arises due to improper cleaning of the detector. Over a course of time dust starts getting into the chamber which blocks the opening of the chamber making it insensitive and causing false alarms at the same time.
  • The system might be very old: After all, it’s a machine and like all other machines or electronic devices, it has its own life span. Due to the system being very old it’s obvious that it would start getting problems with its functioning. So, you got to know some of the main reasons for a false alarm now let’s take a look at what should be done in order to avoid these.
  • The battery should be checked and if found discharged it should be changed and if the battery is simply loose you should install it properly.
  • In case your alarm system has a sealed battery the system might have reached the end of its life and this is the time to replace it. You’ll get a beep every 30 seconds that means your system needs a battery replacement.
  • The system needs to be checked and cleaned to ensure that no dirt is blocking the smoke detection chamber. You can simply send it to the service provider of you can also try your hands on but that’s not recommended.

If all the above-mentioned things are taken care of you would most probably never get a false smoke alarm beeping. And in case you are still getting the alarm you can simply contact Alarm Doctor for help.