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A New Year – The Perfect Time to Reset Your Switches and Service That Alarm
The team at Alarm Doctor would like to wish all of our customers, friends, fans and followers a fantastic start to the New Year. 2017 is well and truly underway and we hope that with it, you find new-found peace, love, success and happiness in everything you do.

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Many of us will have come up with one or more New Year’s Resolutions – limiting how unhealthy we are for the year ahead, trying to inspire ourselves to get fitter, perhaps attempting to eat a little better… giving up smoking – but the vast majority of us might forget that our alarm systems could do with some good ol’ TLC (Tender Loving Care)!

Remember that your insurance company, whether you have an alarm system at home, at your offices or anywhere else, might require that you have your systems inspected and serviced frequently in order to meet your policy requirements. Unfortunately, failing to do so could lead to you being unable to make a claim in the event that you are burgled!


Luckily, it’s not all doom and gloom!
Alarm Doctor is Sydney’s favourite alarm installation, repair, maintenance, upgrade and service expert. Despite being new on Social Media, we’ve been lending a helping hand to Sydney Siders for nearly three decades, providing the most professional, affordable and reliable alarm services in town.

So, if you know it’s been a while since your alarm’s last service, get in touch with us today on 1300 23 00 23 and book a service! Our fees are some of the lowest in New South Wales and, relative to workmanship, they’re the best at just $150 + GST for a callout and the initial thirty minutes on site ($145 if you’ve liked us on Facebook)!


What Aspects of My Alarm Might Need Attention?

Unfortunately, as strong, rugged and durable as most modern-day alarms are, they are still prone to a number of small faults as they get older. In most cases, if your alarm is very new, servicing is quick and simple and you’ll get your service certificate in a jiffy. However, if your alarm system is a little older, then it could be suffering from any of the below. If that is the case, you will need to have your system serviced ASAP:

  • Loose Wiring or Faulty Connections
    • During the installation process, it is possible that your original installation team may have wired the system poorly and, over the years, thanks to a mixture of dust, humidity, wind, other movement and Murphy’s law, your alarm system’s wiring may have been affected and therefore need a quick fix.
  • Dust Clogs
    • While this may not affect you alarm system’s keypad, dust can cause false alarms and a range of issues for motion sensors, heat-sensitive cameras and other detection equipment. It’s imperative that these sensitive pieces of equipment be properly and professionally serviced regularly.
  • Back-Up Battery
    • Every alarm system these days is equipped with a high-output back-up battery. The battery is designed to keep your system running in the event of a power cut, whether accidental, malicious or otherwise. In most cases, back-up batteries can keep the system running for eight hours with no external power… but, due to their high-output, back-up batteries need to be checked regularly and replaced at least once every few years (depending on the make and model).
    • If your back-up battery is undercharged, weak or faulty and the power to your home or office is cut, your alarm will not function and you will not be protected. This, in turn, means that if you are burgled, your insurance company may not be obliged to pay out for whatever was stolen.
  • Water Damage
    • This might seem an unlikely culprit, but you’d be surprised at just how much condensation (water droplets) builds up in and around your alarm system’s (and its motion sensors, cameras, etc.) plastic housing. Thankfully, they are designed to withstand a certain amount of wear and tear, including the average levels of humidity in a home or office. However, there are often times where humidity can build up to higher levels and, as such, your alarm system may begin to take on small amounts of water.
    • In minute volumes, water poses no threat to your system, but over time and in larger quantities, the circuitry of the system becomes susceptible to shorts or faulting over certain connects.
    • Additionally, when water and dust come together, the mix can have a critical effect on the internals of your system and it’s auxiliary parts.
  • Outdated or Faulty Auxiliaries
    • If your system is running motion sensors, CCTV cameras, infrared detectors or any other auxiliaries, it’s essential that those devices are up-to-date and capable of withstanding any attempts to disarm them and/or your entire alarm system. Alarm Doctor’s technicians are always on top of the industry’s latest tech, as well as being aware of the practices that “professional” thieves and burglars apply to gain entry to property. As such, if you think that any aspect of your alarm system may need tweaking, we’re here to help.


Had The Same System For A While?

Is your building’s alarm system as old as the building is – or maybe it’s been there so long that its built up several layers of paint as each new tenant’s decided to redecorate? Unfortunately, the saying, “don’t fix what isn’t broken” doesn’t quite fit the situation here.

Older alarm systems are statistically less likely to offer you, your family and your assets the same levels of protection as they did when they were new. This happens for a number of reasons, but the most pressing is the fact that alarm “hacks” are developed on the black market and the darker side of the web, and made available to wannabe burglars and thieves.
The best way to avoid having your system overwhelmed by the latest hacks and criminal hints and tips, is simply to upgrade your alarm to a newer model.
Newer alarms are specifically designed to be protected against the same tricks that burglars and thieves have used on older models in the past and, in most cases, are equipped with software that can be upgraded rather than having to replace the entire unit later on.

Alarm Doctor stocks all of the latest alarm systems, back-up batteries, motion sensors, CCTV cameras and a wide range of other add-ons, so if you’re looking to upgrade your system, look no further.

Alarm Doctor’s technicians always arrive fully equipped to tackle 99% of alarm installations, upgrades and services on the spot; minimising the need for return visits reduces costs to our customers and saves both you and our technicians heaps of time.

No matter which alarm you have, what auxiliaries you’d like to add or what the system is protecting, rest assured that Alarm Doctor is fully qualified and insured under public liability to ensure the most professional services each and every time.

We will always leave your property in the same, if not better condition than it was when we arrived. That means no holes where there shouldn’t be, no flecks of paint on your new carpets, no dust on your windows, mirrors and TV screens and absolutely no loose, hanging wires anywhere! Our technicians are trained to be precise, clean and efficient in their work.

So, for the best results for your alarm installation, maintenance, or upgrade service, get in touch with Alarm Doctor today. Call us now on 1300 23 00 23 or simply click here to contact us online – and don’t forget; liking us on Facebook will shave five bucks ($5) off your callout fees for as long as you like us!


A few other services you might like to consider from Alarm Doctor:

Back-to-Base Monitoring

Back-to-Base Monitoring allows Alarm Doctor’s team of specialists to monitor and watch over your home or office’s security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From as little as $1.00 per day, why wouldn’t you want the peace of mind? Even when you aren’t home, our Back-to-Base Team can take control over any false alarms or react in case of an emergency. Just click on the above link for more information.

Guard Response Services

If you’d like a little extra muscle on the scene, in the event that a burglar or thief does make an attempt on your home or office, then you might be interested in Alarm Doctor’s Guard Response Service. From just $85, Alarm Doctor will dispatch a trained security guard to your property in the event that your alarm is triggered or you request it. Click on the link for more information.


Thank you for visiting, Happy New Year and we look forward to hearing from you soon!
The Alarm Doctor Team

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