Power Outage Protection for NBN™ Customers in Sydney

Professional NBN™ Connection Battery Replacement and Power Supply Services
If you’re joining the millions of Australians who’ve already moved from their landline services to the new National Broadband Network™ initiative, then you’ll know just how beneficial the data alternative to landline usage can be.

With the National Broadband Network aiming to increase internet connectivity speeds, reduce both national and international telephone rates and provide a more secure connection to its users, it’s no wonder that the service has become so popular.

When switching to the National Broadband Network™, it is likely that your home or office security system will have been synced to the NBN™. This, in turn, means that all of your alarm’s communications with its monitoring station, the police, your associated mobile applications or any other third party software will now be transmitted through your NBN™ system.

Running your alarms and security systems through the National Broadband Network™ is a suitable approach to cost-effective security, but the NBN™ system is not the most appropriate for high-grade security requirements. If you’re looking for the very best in both private and commercial security systems, speak to us today on 1300 23 00 23 or click here to contact us online.


Looking After Your National Broadband Network So It Can Look After You

Your National Broadband Network™ Connection box will have been installed with a high-output, back-up battery pack. This battery is in place to ensure that your NBN™ Connection box continues to relay information in the event of a power cut at the given property.

Power outages can be caused by a range of things, from electrical storms and blown fuses to tampering and potential intrusion.

It’s important, therefore, that you keep an eye on your NBN™ system’s back-up batteries, making sure to have them regularly serviced and/or replaced.


NBN™ Back-Up Battery Wear and Tear

Like all alarm and security system back-up batteries, your National Broadband Network™ Connection box’s back-up battery is designed for high-output. But it also shares in the fact that your system’s back-up battery is in use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is designed to be in constant operation, being charged when connected to the mains supply and being discharged throughout the day. Lithium Ion batteries are intended to handle large amounts of power, but do not hold their charge for extended periods of time, especially when under continuous load.

Back-up batteries therefore tend to have a life expectancy of around 2 years, but could be significantly more or less depending on additional usage and load requirements throughout their life cycles.


Servicing Your NBN™ Back-up Batteries

Most alarm and security experts, along with leading home and office contents insurers will recommend that you have your security systems serviced at least once a year for commercial clients, and once every two years for private customers.

This isn’t to say that your systems will break within that time, but it reduces that chances of a fault taking place in the event of a potential crime in the future.

Added to that, failing to have your alarm and NBN™ System’s back-up batteries serviced or replaced on a regular basis can result in your insurance claims being rejected, depending on the types of insurance you’ve taken out and their respective policy terms and conditions.

If you’re not sure whether your alarm system is important to your home or office insurance policy, we recommend that you get in touch with your provider.


We Can Help

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