Paradox Security – Best Alarm Systems in Use

Paradox Systems is recognized worldwide as a leading company for creating some of the best DIY alarm systems in use. Paradox Systems is providing its services at a very reasonable rate and maintaining optimum quality as well. On a positive note, Paradox is known for its innovative research and development which makes it one of the most popular companies among its competitors. You can seek Paradox’s help if you are looking for the following services.

  • If you are looking for an alarm system with auto text messaging capability, Paradox can provide it’s users a smart alarm system which can text user in any case of emergency.
  • A security device can be managed from a remote place with the help of wired or wireless internet connection provided by Paradox. If a person needs to change or alter the settings of any security device remotely, he can easily do so with the help of a mobile or other electronic device.
  • If you are looking to upgrade your system with any latest update, you can easily do so due to the flexible design of the security systems provided by Paradox.


MG5050 alarm panel is manufactured by Paradox security and maintained on a very less price. MG5050 is specifically designed for the domestic sage and it comes right out of the box with wireless capability as it contains an inbuilt receiver. Paradox USB programming makes it easier for PIR sensors to work properly. You just have to enter your device serial number, upload the settings to make any kind of adjustments you want to make in the sensors and the security system.

Paradox Rem 2 remotes does two-way communication with a built-in sensor. This makes the status available only to the person who has the authority of the remote. These remotes provided by the Paradox Security are best in business and shows a very good built quality to endure the unavoidable wear and tear while handling.

How Paradox alarm system is different from others?

To make the alarm system more user-friendly, it is equipped with a touch screen and a smart remote. One can lock and unlock the security details with the help of a security code or even a fingerprint. Smart remote is capable of giving access to the user and it can also be locked by the user to ensure that it doesn’t go into the wrong hands. It allows the user to test the zones and control the partitions by giving them access to the control panel.

Paradox IP150 helps you in connecting to your home from a remote access. The iparadox app also helps in making the interface more of user-friendly. You can contact us on the given address for any queries.