How Security System Behaves when the Power Goes Out?

With several storms in summer, we tend to receive various calls from our users with security system regarding battery problems. Below, we have got answered some most asked questions for the same:

1. ls your Alarm System Functional?

Indeed! All of these systems have a back-up power source. That back-up power will have in any event 4 hours of backup control for it. Most of the time, the back-up power will the most recent 24 hours. In view of late reports from power outages, a few of these systems have had back-up power keep going up to 2 days.

The back-up battery ought to be changed every 3-5 years. This is because of the way that the alarm system is continually charging the battery.

2. What happens if you don’t change a battery after 5 years?

In the situation of power going out, the system will use back-up power and will also last about an hour and not for 24 hours. Moreover, the battery will start to recharge while the power comes back.

3. How can you change the Battery?

At first, find the battery located with the major processor. The terminals only slide off the post. For remembering when your battery was replaced, we suggest noting down the month and year with a permanent marker on the battery.

  • In the case, if you have got a Lynx or Simon system, the battery stays in the major keypad. You will have to power down the system and then you will have to repower with battery first and with AC power afterward.
  • In the case, if you have an Caddx, DSC etc, the battery is placed in the enclosure and definitely not in the keypad. This is basically kept in a remote room, for example, mechanical room or a utility closet. Replace the battery black to black and red to red.

The low battery alert has to clear in about 4-12 hours. If not, try arming and then go ahead for disarming the system or for reviewing the status. In the case, if it doesn’t clear after 12 hours, contact us and converse with our service representative.

4. Where can you get a battery?

There are various stores where you can get it in metropolitan areas. Make sure to check the local service provider where you can order a battery. Check the battery for the voltage (V) along with the amp hour rating (AH) and then go ahead and take this to the representative who is searching for your battery. There are also stores that can ship the battery directly to your doorstep.

So try to be proactive and replace the battery in a time period of at least 5 years or even sooner if possible.