Home invasion in Australia – Some important Facts you must know

When it comes to home invasion, there are multiple perspectives attached to it. If you are going to look at it from a macro level, all the burglaries and intrusions are crimes, no matter in which country you are. Home invasion is also considered as a type of intrusion where society’s bad factors tend to reach the homes of elderly or old people. They try to show force to loot them with all their money and belongings. In almost all the laws, there are some quite bleak punishments for this crime. 

The punishments under this crime are slapped on the occurrence of the intended crime. However, it is considered a criminal act even if you have just illegally entered someone’s home. The laws also provide residents with the right to use force when it comes to self-defence. It’s called castle-doctrine where you have the right to act when it comes to countering the threat to violence. The number of criminal activities is at an all-time high. And hence, it’s important for you to apply some measures to keep yourself safe. 

The cases are increasing on a daily basis where you will see the newspapers and TV headlines filled with the incidents where the elderly and less capable are seen to be harassed and are treated quite poorly by the bad factors. 

Recent events in Australia 

If you are an Australian resident, you must have heard about the increasing number of invasion cases. Well, the situation is pretty bad. The news headlines are filled with such events and you need to implement security measures to help yourself in keeping everyone safe and sound. If we are to talk about the latest case, an elderly lady got beaten up and looted with all her belongings in Perth. Authorities have released the statement saying, it’s a case of mistaken identity. 

The burglars intruded around 6 pm when she was at her home in the suburb of Rockingham. She is 72 and the intruders were 5 in number. In a recent development, the police are able to capture one of them and are gathering more information to nab the rest of them. 

In another event a bit earlier, an elderly woman woke up from her sleep only to find out a burglar in her home. Thankfully, a truck driver came to her rescue while she was making her way to the nearest service station to send an alarm. When she returned home accompanied by the driver, the burglar was seen leaving the house in a hurry. The authorities were unable to nab anyone yet. 

These are not even the tip of the iceberg and you will be able to find numerous cases that are active. You will find even more that are buried by the authorities. It’s becoming kind of compulsory for everyone to keep themselves safe and secure. There are some amazing technological advancements in terms of making security devices accessible and affordable for everyone. 

If we talk about the stats for a little bit, in the year 2018-19, approximately 2.4% of the total households in Australia are seen to be gone through some kind of burglary. This 2.4% translates to a huge number of 2, 14,000 houses. It’s high time for the government to wake up. They must imply the necessary steps to check these criminals. 

Alarm Doctor: Happy to help!

It is not in your control to check the burglary activities. However, you must try to implement some measures to help yourself in keeping you and your family safe. To help you with that, we are here to eagerly help you with all the security needs. When it comes to installing the safety tools, the most common and practical one is the security camera. 

Alarm Doctor is known for its customer service. Also, our security hub systems are seen to be helpful in almost all places including educational campuses, child care centers, residential societies, etc. If you are also looking for a firm to help you with the security needs, here are the services that we offer and you will find it quite helpful. 

CCTV Camera System

We have a team of experts that will guide you through the process of choosing the best security camera setup. Alarm Doctor will also give you the best option in terms of your budget. Having a detailed and tailor-made CCTV setup will give you the option to monitor your property 24*7. 

These cameras will also provide features like facial recognition, number plate reading, etc. The clients also don’t need to worry about the outdoor installation.

Alarm System

Apart from the cameras, the alarm systems are also quite capable and you will need to install them in pairs to get the best results. These alarm systems come with detection features. Also, you will make use of them by installing at your entry and exit point. 

Along with access control settings, these alarms will provide you with smoke detection. It will also come with a 2-year standard warranty. 

Security Monitoring

There are quite a few users who don’t have much technical knowledge, for them our team of experts can provide back-to-base monitoring. We will keep monitoring your place and in case of burglary or intrusion, we will immediately alert the nearest patrol vehicle. 

Our system will also send you the reports on a weekly basis included in the package. 

Night Patrolling

If you are living in a neighbourhood where the criminal activities are quite high, we would recommend our night patrol services. These services will include the thorough patrols where the experts will drive by with a spotlight. Moreover, you can also include checking the doors and emergency exits. If the team notices something abnormal, it will alert the authorities. 

Also, it will also send the report on the very next day. Alarm Doctor focuses on providing quality services to its clients. Our team will be available to help you with any confusion. We will clear out any technical snag right there on the call.