DSC PowerSeries Neo:Security Systems of Next Generation

DSC Power series Neo is the most technologically advanced security system which provides the flexibility of a modular hardwired system with ease of a wide range wireless devices and accessories resulting in amazingly compact and comprehensive as well as versatile hybrid system suited for small business structures through to a large scale commercial application.

Power series has the highest flexible scalability and several expansion opportunities. Other than that, it can also be said as the most comprehensive hybrid system. With a variety of control panels, a wide range of compatible PowerG enabled wireless devices and a complete line of expansion modules protecting the investment and making a sure growth future.

Power of DSC Power series:

The power of Dsc Powerseries G is to offer all the convenience and features of a wired security system without the hassle and tension of wires and cables. Ultra-reliable two ways 128 bit AES encrypted communication and iron-clad give protection from any kind of undesirable interference which ensures unparalleled cyber protection with our compromising with the performance. 

Power G devices are certified with ULC wireless Commercial Burglary Listing 1, 2 and 3- the first in Canada.

Visual Verification Solution:

The days are gone when police would respond to every alarm. Across the US and Canada, more and more local jurisdictions are cracking down hard on a false alarm. They are increasingly enforcing policies that require visual verification before police will respond as well as levying hefty fines on security companies. Moreover, the time is no longer far when visual verification will be required compulsorily everywhere.

DSC Power series Neo keypad Emulator:

Power series Neo keypad emulator comes in two versions:

  • DSC power series Neo LCD keypad Emulator
  • DSC power series Neo touch screen keypad emulator

DSC power series Neo LCD keypad emulator is so easy to use and interactive too. Power series Neo alarm system operations function with a Power series Neo LCD keypad. Moreover, you can use the emulator online as well as offline, on a desktop or laptop pc or even on a mobile phone.

With the emulator, you can do various things like arming, disarming the system, simulate alarms, generate alarms and bypass zones. This makes it ideal for practicing and conducting real-life situations. Apart from that, the main functions of the power series Neo security system are as follows:

  • Arm the system
  • Disarm the system
  • Quick Exit
  • Generate alarms