Looking for a bit of peace of mind for your family home or business? Do you want to make sure you do not pay premium prices for your alarm repairs / battery replacement or resetting of your alarm?

Peace of Mind – Alarm Service Contracts

We provide yearly peace of mind contracts which cover:

  • All scheduled battery changes
  • Phone support for ordinary operations
  • Master/user code changed at necessary intervals
  • All ad hoc repairs or faults fixed
  • 24/7 support for false alarms or alarms that won’t stop making noise

Yearly: From $195 Monthly: $15

All prices include GST, minimum monthly contract 12 months

Why is yearly alarm service cover a good idea?

  • A battery replacement can cost $200+ depending on your alarm if you are not covered by our alarm service contract
  • Late night phone support is $50 per call
  • If your alarm consistently sounds off and is not repaired you can receive noise complaints from your neighbours
  • Peace of mind

The Truth About False Alarms

  • False burglar alarms cost taxpayer money and divert police resources away from where they are really needed.
  • Continued false alarms may cause the police to deprioritise your alarm … but what happens when you have a real activation?
  • Noise complaints from false alarms can be grounds for the council to fine you, in some areas
  • Not to mention all the ill will caused when your alarm disturbs not only yours, but your neighbours’ sleep … yet again!

We Deal in All Alarms Brand

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