alarm installation


Having your alarm systems professionally installed could be the difference between a system that works and one that doesn’t, and a property that looks like a home, or a construction site.

Alarm Doctor has been installing alarm systems of all shapes and sizes for three decades and, in each property we service, we make it our prerogative to not only ensure the systems we install are 100% operational, but that the rest of the property is too. That means no mess after we’re done, no holes where they shouldn’t be, no dangling wires, no skew sensors or cameras and by no means would we leave without testing everything first.

Whether you’re tired of your old alarm system or you’ve moved into a new property that’s currently unprotected, Alarm Doctor’s technicians will be able to step in and perform the full installation service without even breaking a sweat.

Our installations are second to none and we take great pride in being able to offer our high-standards in service from as little as From $195 including GST.

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