5 Things You Need To Know About CCTV Systems

Owing to the fall in prices and a rise in accessibility, Closed Circuit Televisions have gained much popularity of late. This is especially true of residential complexes and private properties.

As the reader might already know, these security systems are commonly referred to by the abbreviation, CCTV. In case you are unaware, a CCTV is a system to multiple cameras connected to a central monitoring hub. These cameras are installed at various strategic points within the property. The recorded images are streamed live to the screens in the control room.

Now, in case you are planning to get a CCTV system installed, you’d rather be aware of certain things.

First thing first, do proper research before buying and seek professional help. There’s no point in saving money in this regard as it is very much likely to boomerang on you.

So, here are 5 things that you must know about the CCTV.

1. Its wise to ignore your Inner DIY Guru

You can obviously set up your CCTV system all by yourself. Yet, you absolutely should not do that. We know it’ll save you a lot of money and all, but, trust us on this, it won’t be worth it.

A CCTV can give you mental peace only when it’s professionally installed without any flaws. For that, you’ll need professional, experienced technicians who are experts in this field and who know their jobs. Now, that’s what we are here for.  

2. There are different types of CCTV systems

Broadly speaking, CCTVs are of two types, depending on their installation procedure. They may be hardwired or wireless. At present, only low-quality wireless systems are available. We don’t recommend these types and stick to the traditional, wired ones.

The camera type is decided on the basis of the household’s requirements. Sometimes, we use classic analogue cameras, with coax technology. For others, we use the latest megapixel IP cameras with Cat-6. If you need the highest quality, we provide you with Mobotix IP cameras.

3. Image quality is necessary

After all, nothing makes sense if you can’t actually see anything that the cameras are showing you. Avoid cheap cameras which produce very low-quality, unclear images. In this regard, you must think qualitatively and not quantitatively.

4. Placement is everything

In order to get optimum results from your CCTV system, you have to make sure that the cameras are strategically placed. They have to cover the major areas, while themselves remaining out of sight.

Moreover, DO NOT place CCTV in private zones, like toilets. It’s illegal.

5. Think of this as an investment

If you truly care about your security, investing in a good quality CCTV system is crucial for you. And the best part is that you won’t regret spending your money on it.