How to Ensure Effective Protection for Your Home

We consider home the safest place where we can live with satisfaction and enjoy our life. But according to different sources, Australia has one of the highest burglary rates in the world. So there is an ample chance that your house may be the next target of the burglars or intruders.

To make our home a less appealing target, the majority of us take some basic steps like installing motion detectors, placing thorny plants beneath windows, putting up a ‘be aware of dog’ sign or making their home inundated with light and so on. Fact says these types of measurements do little contribution to the protection of a house.


If you are interested to know the ways with which you can put up a strong resistance against break-ins, follow our discussion-

Three Tips that will Help You to Ensure Effective Security in Your Home

Make All the Entry Points Secure

In most cases, burglars get access to the property through these three entry points, i.e., doors, windows and the back doors. So it is highly recommended to deploy high security at the entry points. If you are trying to resist burglars from breaking into your house then you can try these options, mentioned below

  • Deadlocks can help in strengthening the security of front and back doors. You just need to ensure that they are used properly.
  • Using strong locks on all windows
  • Installing security cameras and monitored intruder alarms will significantly cause an increment in the security of the house.
  • Motion detection technology can help you to strengthen your home security. They can alert you to any movements in their range.

Securing all the doors and windows will make it hard for the burglars to get access to your house. If you have other entry points like an upstairs window, garage, basement etc. then make sure that they all get these security staff to enhance the security of your house.

Invest in Good Quality Cameras

Security cameras are a good criminal deterrent. Only a few bold burglars risk breaking into a house equipped with a security camera system because this requires skill, finesse, effort and time. According to different sources, houses with security cameras are 300 times safer than houses without security cameras.

Security experts suggest investing in quality security cameras rather than investing in cheap ones because it is a matter of the security of your house. It will capture all the footage and they can be even used as legit evidence.

There are some features you should look for in the security camera system before you invest in it-

  • High-definition picture quality
  • Night vision
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Motion detection
  • Round-the-clock monitoring
  • Response support from a professional security company
  • Huge storage space for footage and recording

Install a Monitored Alarm System

A monitored alarm is another golden opportunity to ensure security in your home. It not only attracts the attention of neighbours but also takes necessary measurements if your home is targeted.

Generally, a burglary happens so quickly, that the average time duration of a burglary is between 8 to 10 minutes. That is why the necessity for a quick response arises. So quicker the response, the more possibility of catching the burglars.

Monitored alarm systems also provide you with 24/7 service, so that you may have peace of mind because you know that your house is safe. Monitored alarm systems come with some features, they are-

  • Attention-catching sirens and lights
  • outdoor/ perimeter sensors
  • Window and door sensors
  • Pet-friendly false alarm reduction technology
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An Extensive Guide for Security Alarm Services

Nowadays, security has become a matter of great concern in our daily life. The craving for a safe life highers the demand for security in our life. There are different types of security measures and one of them is the security alarm service.

Security Alarm Service
Security alarm services are introduced to detect any kind of unauthorized entry into the building or to any other portions. Once it is installed successfully, it can do its work at full potential providing you with security and peace of mind. It has a broad usage in homes for maintaining residential security, schools and commercial as well as industrial places.

Security alarms follow the basic rule of securing the entry points like doors and windows, well equipped with sensors which are linked with a control panel or command centre. The Control panel plays the role of the brain for an alarm system, it can be accessed by passcodes. Through the control panel, the whole system can be armed or disarmed.

When the doors or windows are closed, the sensors which are already in the connection of the control panel, report that the entry points are secure but in the case of a sudden opening of doors or windows, the control panel traces it as a breach and alert you through high-decibel sounds.

Here are going to discuss some aspects of an alarm system-

Strong Deterrent
The security alarm systems not only provide you security but also deter burglars, thieves or intruders. The presence of an alarm security system is enough to resist criminals from committing a crime. Studies say the possibility of being robbed of a house with a security alarm system is lower than a house without it.

Reduces Insurance Costs
Besides deterring the burglars, the presence of a security alarm system can reduce insurance costs. Whenever your insurance company observe a security alarm system in your house, they can reduce the monthly insurance fee up to 20%. Because the presence of a security alarm system implies that your house is secured. In this way, you ensure security and save your money at the same time.

Uninterrupted Effectiveness
Security alarm systems support working on both electricity and batteries. That means in the case of a power cut they can work uninterruptedly with a battery backup. So you don’t need to compromise the security in the situations like power cuts.

High-Decibel Alarm
Whenever an event of trespassing happens, the security alarm system creates a high-decibel noise, loud and intense enough that the neighbours also hear it. It not only creates trouble for the intruders but also alerts the people inside the home to take necessary measurements as well as alerts the neighbours so that they can help them. With this feature, a security alarm system not only alerts you about the danger but also paves the way for help from different sources.

Highly Mobile
Both the wired and wireless security alarm systems allow uninstalling and disconnecting them to transfer them to different desired locations.

False Alarm
This is a common and most excruciating disadvantage of an alarm system. Alarm systems provide you with peace of mind but sometimes, it brings reverse outcomes by performing a false alarm. Sometimes when a false alarm occurs in your house, police and fire departments reach your property to help you with your emergency. Some police departments can charge for false alarms if it happens and they came to your property in a frequent manner.

Installing a security alarm system can be expensive and may cause further additional charges like maintenance charges, repairing charges etc. which also include monitoring fees on a monthly basis. All these charges for the service of a security alarm system can be costly and this can impact your finance. So a security alarm system with its all charges can make you financially unbalanced.

We have discussed all the possible advantages and disadvantages of having a security alarm system in the above article. With this, you can make your decision whether you should invest in a security alarm system or not. Hope this helps you a lot and provides you with an exhaustive guide on the advantages and disadvantages of a security alarm system.

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Learn – How to Keep Your Home Safe with an Alarm System?

When the matter comes regarding your family as well as home safety, you will always try to grab the best one. This is why installing a high-grade home alarm and security system is the heart of your security system to ensure the proper security.

But what special can a smart alarm do for you and is it really necessary for the area you seek for protection?Going through this blog makes you well understand the top features and benefits and also helps you to choose the right device for the property, you desire to protect.  

What smart Alarm Do?

If you have a CCTV or smart lock or looking for something like this then you might think about which system will be perfect for your concern?  With an active alarm system, you can leave your home without any hesitation and never think about any theft or danger.Alarm systems are not just for merely detecting whether or not someone has entered the house or exited. They have built-in sensors which are able to notice all kinds of activities, issues and problems, even capable of noticing and preventing damage and burglary theft. Nowadays they are capable also of identifying the flooding in your basement or broken windows or doors etc.   It can also save your house and the entire family. The carbon monoxide, smoke and fire detector sensors can trigger the alarm immediately at the crucial time of incidence to get out everyone safe.

Know Everything About your system

How will you able to know if your alarm goes off when you are out of the station? The great thing is that your system can send you an instant notification if some kind of thing happens. This is how the home alarm system is called actually smart. Whenever your smart alarm is triggered, you will get a notification alert on your smartphone, tablet or watch if it is connected to the internet. In this way, you can check up on your device about the security status of your property and can decide the further steps to be taken. You can also access the fire or police department easily without any hurdle. 

An easy to Install Solution

Sometimes it is felt that your alarm system is daunting if you don’t know the right way of its either operation or installation. It may lead to you in nerve-wracking when you will know that your alarm can go off blaring, and you will have no idea what to do or how to stop it? Our team consists of smart home security professionals and they will not only help you to select the best class alarm system justifying your concern and also install them in a perfect strategic location that covers the entire property very well. 

Sometimes it may happen that your alarm system makes the noise or simply goes off or start chirping – in this scenario the best thing is that it may need the battery change; if you hesitate to do this on your own then our team is here to help you and fix every issue with such perfection that you ever can imagine.

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CCTV for your Business?

Unlike any other country, Australia is developing – so many many entrepreneurs, business owners and decision-makers are thinking about their “new normals” to ensure their utmost stability and the path of their success for the future.
In the case of security, one should give its maximum consideration and the right CCTV would be a good choice.

For smaller businesses, CCTV cameras used to be out of reach as the technology was expensive and the resolution of most of the cameras was less than fantastic so half the time they weren’t useful.

Nowadays technology becomes advanced and it has become more affordable to install a top-notch CCTV system in your workplace.

The benefits which you can enjoy while using CCTV in your workplace are –

  1. It reduces the chances of theft and criminal activity. A potential thief or a robber will think a second time in the case of targeting your assets.
  2. It also reduces the incidents of malpractice and nad harassment in your workplace. Even the employees may be discouraged from behaving like unprofessional and unethical workers if they know that they are under the surveillance of CCTV. If any unwanted circumstances happen then the recordings of CCTV will give extra boost to the investigation.
  3. If any injury or accident happens then you will be able to a quick view of the incident and can take easily the right decisions in the case of compensations for the victim and it also helps to find out the drawbacks and mend it for preventing the repetitions of such kinds of incidents.
  4. A well-equipped security system will help you to find what is actually happening inside your workplace?
  5. CCTV systems can protect you and your workplace from numerous risks both from the outside and inside also. But the crucial question is how do you choose the right CCTV according to your preferences?

Here we are proving some of the basic key points which will help to get the right decisions:

  1. What are your preferences in the case of visibility of your cameras? You may never want to be discrete or highly visible of your security camera.
  2. What is the coverage of your area? small or large? Different CCTV cameras come with a variety of ranges and sized areas. For the large area, your camera should have the ability of long-range coverage and its zooming capabilities should be top class.
  3. Which type of camera do you need static or moving? The static camera can’t move but the moving cameras can rotate according to the movements of objects. The rights type depends on your preference.
  4. The details in your CCTV footage is a very important point. If you are covering the smaller area then a low-resolution camera will be perfect but if you think about widespread coverage then the higher resolution will be perfect enough. The main motto is that every detail of the covered areas should be visible in the recorded footage otherwise your CCTV camera will be useless.
  5. Moreover, it is your building and different models of CCTV cameras come with different specifications. You should keep in mind the other factors as well like- light reflections, surface or polished floors etc. For outdoor cameras how the sunlight will affect the visuals and in the night how the picture will come etc. in all these matters, you should talk with an expert before buying a CCTV camera.
  6. How long do you want to store your footage? As different cameras come with different storage capabilities like- week, month or a year? In recent times many systems come with cloud storage systems with your security cameras.

The Advanced features of CCTV make it more beneficial for users. It can be programmed to identify moving objects or faces or differentiates different objects. CCTVs can be configured with an alarm system and it will be useful in the case of a breach of a secure area. 

Choosing the right CCTV may be a complex matter while you have too many options in the market. In this case, you are always advised to consult with an expert who can guide you.

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Super Strategies to Enhance the Security of Your Home

Nowadays the event of burglary and invasions frequently make headlines. So it is always safe to make up-gradation and maintenance of your home security system properly to avoid such events.

Enlarge the Protecting Area more than Your Premises

Video surveillance systems or CCTV systems are undoubtedly one of the most important components of security systems and their usage is vast in households, businesses and in many other fields. The reason behind this is the increment in the usage of valuable assets like technology, other valuable systems, machines, especially in the case of working from home.

In the situation of the pandemic, we now all have the first-hand experience of working from home that is why many valuable systems, specialised technology and devices, are present in the houses instead of the offices.

As a consequence, the probability of the houses being theft is at its peak. So this is important to ensure their protection.

Alarm Systems

Security systems are specially designed for detecting criminal activities. They can also deter criminals from committing crimes. An alarm system is capable of detecting events like a gas leak, fire or environmental changes and so on.

  • The motion detector or PIR is the component that detects any kind of activity.
  • Doors and window reeds are used as indicators of the opening or closing of a door or window.
  • Smoke detectors are functioned to detect the fire. There are two kinds of detectors: photoelectronic and ionization. Ionization detectors are capable of detecting flaming fires without a lot of smoke but photoelectronic detectors are used to detect smouldering fires which creates a huge amount of smoke. The best smoke detector is the combination of these two detectors and can provide the most effective performance.
  • An alarm keypad is an important device that allows the user to arm or disarm the alarm system. It is usually placed near the entrance or exit of the building.


Vidoe Surveillance CCTV Systems

Besides having the potential of providing effective security, video surveillance systems can deter criminal activities. So the presence of it can lower the possibility of being theft.

An effective and potential CCTV camera paves the way for homeowners to ensure the safety of their loved ones and their properties.

Video Intercom Systems

In past days, intercom systems were used as basic security systems. Thanks to technology, now intercoms become sophisticated and their application is to add an extra layer of security. Video intercoms come with a wide range of varieties in styles and features to meet your requirements.


With a proper strategy, you can ensure the utmost security to your family and also to your properties. Every home has unique security problems, as well as different security solutions. There is no hard and fast rule that can give you the best security system. You just need to have a proper strategy and guidance of a security expert to get the exact optimal security solution.

A security installer can help you with the identification of the potential areas that should be protected and they can suggest to you the best security systems that may meet your requirements.


In the case of choosing the security systems, you should choose those which are flexible to support the changing or rearrangements of houses hold to ensure the future

proof security solution. For example, one can easily add PIR motion detectors to an alarm system without replacing the entire alarm system.


With the advancement of technology, security products now have the next potential performance. They not only provide you with the protection of your dear ones and properties but also give you peace of mind. With the help of an experienced home security expert, you can have the best security system according to your security issues at a reasonable price segment. You can contact us for any kind of security-related queries.

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Invest in the Right Home Security System by Following This Guide

If you are confused while investing in a home security system, consider it being natural due to a large number of brands and models now available. However, by following this guide, choosing a system for your house can become a bit easy. So, you need to follow this guide and also talk to the technicians in Sydney carrying out device installations to get additional suggestions.

Let us now take a look at the things that you need to look for before you put your money in the home security system.

Easy to Calibrate

Whether you are calibrating the home alarm system in Sydney all by yourself or your technicians are doing the same, the main control interface of the device has to be simple. Otherwise, calibration or even modifying the set rules can become problematic for you and the other members of your family.

Though the systems available nowadays come equipped with an easy to use interface, ask the dealer whether the model that you have selected does have a simple control panel.

Accurate Detection

See, most of the home alarm models that are now available have state of the art components installed that can accurately detect movements. However, the level of detection of subjects varies model and budget-wise. So, first, determine the type of detection that you want, and then put your money on the device. For instance, if you want the systems to only detect human subjects in just a few areas in your house, you should never invest in systems that are equipped with pet detection mechanisms. If you do, you will only be wasting your money.

No Or Minimal False Alarms

Standard home security systems in Sydney are normally equipped with components that hardly trigger false alarms. But if you are buying a budget system, you might face one or two occurrences. If that is okay with you, go ahead and buy these alarms. However, before that, learn whether you can easily stop a false alarm if it at all occurs. Otherwise, things can easily get out of hand.

Comprehensive Warranty

To stay in the competition, most home security systems provide a warranty. But it’s always better if you get a comprehensive warranty. Then, you can send the device for repairs or replacements if it malfunctions or you find defects with it during the warranty period.

Detection Area

Some security alarm systems in Sydney cover a wide area whereas the others can only cover a single point. You will need to consider this feature before you put your money into the system.

If you just need the motion detection system to work in the entry point(s) of your home, for instance, you can invest in those that offer single-point detection features. But if you want to cover a wider area such as your entire bedroom or living room, you should put your money on those devices having a wide detection coverage area.

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Things You Need to Know Before Installing an Office Alarm System

Security Alarms are of extreme importance for any business. This is not only to take feasible protection against mishaps, but they are also meant to comply with the security regulations. Thus, if you have plans of security alarm installation in Sydney, it means you are looking forward to complying with the NSW security regulations.

Now the question is, what you need to know before installing an alarm system. The point is, finding a suitable alarm system for your office is not that easy. If you are a first timer, then here are a few pieces of information that you must be aware of.

Alarms that are meant for commercial properties  these days come in various types. Each of them come with their own uniqueness, and are effective in their own ways, depending on layout, purpose, and design of the property they are used in. Besides, different alarm systems come up with components that require varied degrees of maintenance all throughout their entire active lifetime. And then, the issue of price, feasibility and cost of installation come into play.

Security alarms generally come in two principal categories – manual and automatic.

Automatic Alarms: The automatic office alarm systems in Sydney that are installed these days come with audio-visual alerts that raise awareness about security breaches regardless of their nature and gravity.

Manual Alarms:  These are mainly old fashioned fire alarms in which the end users are required to use devices that are referred to as the pull stations for raising the alarm. These pull stations come with accessible levers and are generally stationed at strategic locations of the premises.

Addressable Alarm Systems at Offices: Regardless of whether  a manual and automated system is used, addressable systems allow the users to monitor every  alarm installed in the building. When you opt for installation of alarm systems in Liverpool that are addressable, you get the liberty of seeing which alarm is working and which is not. This advanced feature adds an extra blanket of security at your premise. It also becomes much easier to maintain the alarm and you can also have a strict control over the security arrangements of your home.

Conventional System: In the conventional alarm systems, every component that is used in respective areas or zones within the premises are connected to a centrally located control panel. In this arrangement the alarm system installers in Sydney can place separate systems at separate sections of a building to work in close sync with each other, and work autonomously. In this arrangement, every alarm section that falls under the system can be manually and individually checked to see if it is in working order or not.

Hybrid System: As it is understandable from the name, this particular type of alarm system comes with a combination of  the best features of the other two types of alarm systems. These systems are excellent when it comes to nullifying the shortcomings of the addressable as well as conventional systems.

Therefore, prior to installation of alarm systems at your office, you need to know all these points to be able to make the most of these systems. For further details, call Alarm Doctor today.

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How Can an Alarm Monitoring Service Protect Your Home Better?

Home alarms are designed to trigger continuous sound when and if they detect unusual movements. For that, they have to be calibrated first. But still, they can malfunction and can trigger false alarms at times. So, hiring a 24/7 alarm monitoring service becomes necessary.

If you are in Sydney, any of its suburbs or in Wollongong, you can find technicians who offer alarm monitoring. But before hiring, make sure that they have extensive experience regarding home alarms.

Let us now take a look into why you need to deploy the service to better protect your home.

Calibrate the Alarms When Needed 

The professionals carrying out alarm monitoring in Wollongong besides Sydney and its suburbs will not only just wait for any abrupt system response, they will calibrate the alarms and check the functions from time to time. So, if you are not in your home, you can rest assured that the system will surely trigger an alarm only when it detects a threat.

Avoid False Alarms

Even if the home alarms are well-calibrated, they can trigger false alarms if they become worn out due to constant use. But if you already have an alarm monitoring service in place, you don’t need to worry about these false alarms since they will take all measures to prevent them.

Respond Quickly

Apart from monitoring the alarms, the professionals also carrying out alarm installations in Wollongong besides Sydney and its suburbs will make quick decisions whenever they detect a threat. Considering that you are not in your home, they will call the necessary law enforcement agencies nearby or do as they have been guided.

Better Monitoring with Cameras

Security professionals will better monitor the alarms installed in your home with cameras. This helps them to keep an eye on all the alarms installed in your place. And if they detect anything unusual, they will quickly take the necessary steps to safeguard your home.

Inform You Quickly Whenever Something is Wrong

The professionals carrying out monitoring and alarm installation in Kellyville and other Sydney suburbs besides Wollongong will quickly let you know through text or call if any of your home alarms are not functioning properly. So, whether you are in your home or anywhere else when you get the message, you can quickly hire technicians to fix them.

Regular Security Reports

Considering you are not in your home, you will naturally be keen to know whether your home is safe, and this is where an alarm monitoring service comes in handy. The professionals monitoring the alarm will send you reports regularly irrespective of any break-ins or security incidences.

Remind You to Re-calibrate Your Home Alarm

If you turned off your home alarm temporarily for hosting a New Year party, for instance, the alarm monitoring service will remind you to turn them on and calibrate them again to ward off impending threats. That way, you can make your home secure again just after the event is over.

Guide You to Maintain Your Home Alarms

By hiring professionals performing alarm monitoring besides home security installation in Sydney and its other suburbs apart from Wollongong will routinely provide you with tips and suggestions that will help you to extend the longevity of the installed systems in your place.

So, now that you know the reasons why hiring an alarm monitoring service is necessary, you will be able to make the right decisions.

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Home Security Installation

7 Points that Technicians Keep in Mind while Installing Home Alarms

Home security systems keep properties safe by triggering alarms whenever movement is detected. But they can only trigger the alarm if they are installed perfectly. Now, if you have hired professional installers in Sydney, you can expect that they will install these systems with care. In reality, they actually do set these systems up and calibrate them thoroughly so that your place is protected. Anyway, today we will be specifically taking a look at what the technicians consider while installing these alarms.

Installing Them at Strategic Points

Professionals carrying out home security system installations in Sydney will make sure that your property is safe at all times. For that, they will inspect your home and find out the strategic points first for better detection of threats.

Generally, the technicians install these systems on the entry and exit points of your home such as doorways, hallways, etc. Also, they install these systems near windows so that if there is a break-in, an alarm will easily get triggered.

Installing the Appropriate Number of Security Systems

To protect your home from a break-in, you will need to install several home security systems. Only one might not be enough.

The number of systems that will be installed is determined generally by the installers. Nevertheless, they keep this point in mind before commencing the installation to secure your home better.

Calibrating the Security System

The alarm system installers in Sydney will consider calibrating the devices after installing them so that they can detect movements better. This is an important step and if it is skipped, the systems might not work accurately or fail to detect movements.

Seasoned technicians carrying out the installation are experts in adjusting these systems, and they will do whatever is necessary to keep these devices working flawlessly.

Preventing False Alarms

Generally, false alarms are triggered due to inaccurate detection, calibration or installation. So, while installing these systems, the installers always keep in mind this topic because false alarms can be quite problematic.

Choosing the Right Home Alarm Systems

The professionals carrying out Sydney home security alarm installation will consider installing the best systems on your property so that they can efficiently detect threats. Remember, if you install products that are not recommended by security experts, your home might not be totally safe from threats. So, you should let the installers choose the appropriate alarm systems for you.

Setting up the Wires Properly

Professional security alarm installers will always set up the wires in your property while installing the system. Otherwise, either the alarm systems will get disconnected or the wires will get torn off.

This is a very important point that the installers will keep in mind to make the installation procedure perfect.

Finishing the Installation Fast

The installers will make sure that they complete the installation of the home security systems on time.

They will keep this point in mind mainly to retain the reputation of their business. But a fast completion of the installation service nevertheless helps in securing your home quickly.

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Things to Consider Before Installation of Home Security System

Modern home security systems are a comprehensive network of an array of state of the art equipment, each of which act in close coordination with each other, thus creating a complete and all-encompassing home security system, to meet the modern day security threats. Thus, you need to consider a few things before you opt for installation of a suitable home security system.

Understanding the Difference between a Wireless and a Wired Security System

Though the basic working principle of a wired and a wireless home security system is the same, there lies a basic difference in the installation and a few tactical aspects of the two kinds of systems. Hence, if you are to opt between the two and choose one, you need to understand the basic difference in the structural hierarchy of the two. Consider how the two systems work, take into account the layout of your property and your potent threat conception to decide for the most appropriate form.

Weighing between Burglar Alarms and Home Security Systems

There are certain differences between burglar alarms and home security systems. While the modern burglar alarms come up with sensors that are set up on windows and doors, home security systems provide some additional benefits. Apart from the typical security alerts, they also come up with fire alarms, state of the art carbon monoxide alerts and even flooding alerts. Thus, you need to weigh the two options and before opting for home security installation in Sydney or elsewhere.

Comparing the Quotes

This is another extremely important consideration that you need to take before you put stakes on the home security system. You must not pick up a system at random.  Rather, you need to opt for various quotes, and compare between them to find out which one of them meets your needs the best and in the most cost effective way. Thus, comparing quotes and the functionality of the systems is imperative.

Considering Power Outages

 Power outage is one very important point that you need to consider before you select a home security system. You must ensure that the functionality of the system is not severely jeopardized due to any power outages. Thus, you must opt for a system that has a credible backup, which will come to act in the event of a power outage.

Solar Security Options

It is better to opt for a security system, which is powered by solar power. Thus ensures, you do not have to worry about power outages, or increase in power bills as these solar powered security systems do not have to depend upon conventional power supply, and are extremely energy efficient. In fact, quality security system installers in Sydney would always suggest going for solar powered security systems.

Scope of Customisation

 Before putting stakes on a security system for your home, you must ensure that the system is flexible enough to be customised to meet your needs. There is not ‘one-size-fits-all’ dictum in security systems. Hence, when it comes to selecting a security system, you must ensure that the system can be customised to meet your needs.

So you see, these are the topmost considerations, which you must not forget while selecting security systems for your home. If you are in Sydney, the best name to turn to is Alarm Doctor. For further details, call us at 1300 230 023 (Toll free) or 0404 052 007 (mobile).

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